Synonyms for Ascetic:


all (adjective)
austere, spartan, ascetical.
ascetic (adjective)
celibate, parsimonious, monastic, spartan, repentant, trappist, austere, dry, hermit-like, teetotaling, franciscan, abstemious, abstinent, stoic, severe, penitential, stark, miserly, lenten.
celibate (adjective)
asexual, intact, virginal, unmarried, alone, abstinent, single, monkish, unplowed, unwed, chaste, lone, bachelor, abstemious, solitary, pure, maiden, spinsterish, monastic, celibate, old maid.
pert (adjective)
self-denying (adjective)
abstinent, abstemious, disciplined, strict, puritanical, spartan, austere.
severe (adjective)
demanding, crisp, prudish, rigorous, harsh, spare, acerbic, chilly, sharp, acrimonious, curt, imperial, keen, authoritarian, intense, abrupt, dry, meticulous, strict, blunt, inflexible, strait-laced, precise, frosty, short, icy, exacting, stern, unbending, obdurate, relentless, intolerant, austere, severe, fundamental, uncompromising, rigid, spartan, tart, lean, astringent, oppressive, critical, censorious, brisk, puritanical, raw, stringent, gruff, stiff-necked, cutting, hidebound, stark, disciplined, cool, grim, correct, brusque, piquant, bleak, basic, dour, acute, obstinate, draconian, caustic.
stingy (adjective)
petty, Hard-fisted, austere, miserly, frugal, tight, closefisted, narrow-fisted, cheeseparing, stingy, spartan, meager, parsimonious, penny-pinching, abstemious, mean, thrifty.
temperate (adjective)
austere, moderate, conservative, frugal, abstinent, Sober-minded, sober, temperate, self-depriving, restrained, prudent, self-denying, Abnegating.


brother, coreligionist, Baha'i, brethren, cleric, denomination, congregation, cult, animism. orthodox, religious, pious, observant, godly, spiritual, holy, devout. ascetic (noun)
abstemious, spartan, austere, ascetical, abstainer.
austere (noun)
plain, study atsevere, modest.
celibate (noun)
monk, spinster, hermit.
teetotaler (noun)

Other synonyms:

coreligionist, godly, Baha'i, congregation, denomination, pious, devout, holy, animism. orthodox, religious, spiritual, observant, cleric, brethren. brother. cult. Other relevant words:
animism, brother, orthodox, holy, abstainer, religious, devout, coreligionist, modest, observant, brethren, cleric, ascetical, plain, godly, denomination, congregation, pious, Baha'i, spiritual, cult.

Usage examples for ascetic

  1. It looks to be a life that is infinitely lonely, ascetic and barren. – Last Words by Stephen Crane