Synonyms for Realty:


land (noun)
ranch, ground, real estate, estate, territory, holding, manor.
property (noun)
principal, title, holding, legacy, domain, property, realm, ranch, belongings, empire, effects, kingdom, ground, manor, assets, territory, wealth, land, estate, farm, stock, possession, inheritance, goods, Resources, real estate, chattel, fixtures, possessions.
real estate (noun)
real property, estate agent, landed, realtor, surveyor, real estate agent.
realty (noun)
real property, real estate.

Other synonyms:

real estate
estate agent, landed, surveyor, realtor.
Other relevant words:
landed, real property, surveyor, realtor.

Usage examples for realty

  1. Every occupant of realty holds it through a deed, which carries with it sole ownership, or through a lease which carries with it the right to occupation and use in accordance with the conditions as to time and the amount to be paid, set forth in the written instrument. – Business Hints for Men and Women by Alfred Rochefort Calhoun