Synonyms for Tame:


compliant (adjective)
domesticated, compliant (adjective)
broken, subdued, docile, trained, pliable, cultivated, civilized, harmless, domestic, meek, pliant, tractable, Muzzled, biddable, submissive, amenable, gentle, kindly.
dull, uninteresting (adjective)
flat, conventional, insipid, weak, unexciting, boring, feeble, limp, halfhearted, monotonous, bloodless, routine.
manageable (adjective)
willing (adjective)
amenable, submissive, biddable, cooperative, susceptible, persuadable, compliant, acquiescent, ductile, pliable, flexible, pliant, assenting, plastic, yielding, malleable, adaptable, receptive, eager, earnest, agreeable, ready, willing, tractable.


alarmed, afraid, frightened, (with) your heart in your mouth, panic-stricken, petrified, fearful, startled, scared, intimidated. androgynous, amphibious, aquatic, best-of-breed, articulate, asexual, anthropoid, Caged, captive, arboreal. limp, animated, uninspired, feeble, spirited, trivial, bloodless, boring, half-baked, alive, flat, halfhearted, weak. enhance, revitalize, boost, improve on, optimization, enrich, remedy, lift, improve. cure, determine, confine, regulate, restrict, limit. gentle (noun)
tame (noun)
chasten, broken, gentle, broken in, domesticated, naturalise, cultivated, subdued, domesticate, meek, cultivate, subdue, docile, tamed, naturalize, moderate, domestic, tone down, unexciting.
uninteresting (noun)
monotonous, conventional, uninteresting, routine, insipid.


change (verb)
subdue, chasten.
communication (verb)
tone down, moderate.
domesticate, make compliant (verb)
subdue, break, train, tone down, housebreak.
manage animals (verb)
breed, hostle, herd, train, wrangle, ranch, farm, break, groom, housebreak, domesticate.

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Usage examples for tame

  1. Tame for me the miracle, explain it. – The Missourian by Eugene P. (Eugene Percy) Lyle
  2. When it was ready for occupation, Helen said she would sail to it: she would not go by land; that was too tame for her. – Foul Play by Charles Reade Dion Boucicault
  3. And all the time they were tame and quiet and content and said, 'The likes of us can't expect to 'ave nothing better, and as for our children wot's been good enough for us is good enough for the likes of them. – The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists by Robert Tressell