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lifelike (adjective)

lifelike, faithful, realistic, exact, vivid.

Other synonyms:

forthright, self-generated, common, routine, consanguineous, logical, biological, barbarian, clingy, consistent, kin, raw materials, ingrained, reasonable, the biosphere, babyish, homespun, barbarous, folksy, near, unaffected, spontaneous, ingrain, actual, graphic, luxurious, Neanderthal, addictive, uncivilized, double flat, upstanding, anticipated, inherent, general, birth father, undyed, rude, flawed, cancel, uncontrolled, involuntary, relaxed, alien, prevalent, crotchet, earthy, unbiased, unworldly, intimate, homely, inseparable, wonted, B, chivalrous, inherited, gallant, chord, high, guileless, matter-of-course, father, unexpected, casual, true, indigenous, past master, constant, inborn, element, unprocessed, truthful, undomesticated, empty nester, earthborn, inbred, virgin, homey, unstudied, organic, regular, A, decent, internal, high-minded, rough, predictable, D, the environment, original, prodigy, constitutional, integral, photo-realistic, uncultivated, greathearted, undressed, physical, true-life, easy, uncontrollable, basic, unadorned, connatural, unfathered, inhering, natural resources, dad, barbaric, warm, classy, C, unbleached, birth parent, unpolished, wild, bass, elevated, constitutionally, superman, daddy, heartfelt, naturalistic, civilized, untamed, ordinary, just, hardwired, easygoing, misbegotten, unusual, queen, supposititious, lofty, great, hearty, culture, resource, indispensable, principled, ecology, untreated, core, best, probable, subjective, raw, beat, heathenish, fatherhood, ecosystem, essential, inwrought, irreproachable, baseborn, unmannered, laid-back, nature, indwelling, unfeigned, characteristic, universal, adaptive, unadulterated, tighten, genetic, unlawful, good, accepted, intrinsic, bastard, typical, childlike, salubrious, innate, native, fair-minded, uniform, born, prevailing, built-in, exponent, flexible, uncivil, magnanimous, expected, do, custodial parent, rustic, unsuspecting, start, living, lifelike, maestro, master, infixed, elemental, normal, uncolored, intelligent, snug, rudimentary, impulsive, deadbeat dad, congenital, unpretending, big, fair, fine, unceremonious, lordly, law, comfy, fundamental, badass, be, simple, unrefined, incarnate, foreign, accustomed, birth, habitual, birth mother, fresh, three-dimensional, familiar, usual, artist, independent, spurious, comfortable, sublime, customary, heathen, immanent, informal, pictorial, unpretentious, instinctive, old hand, constitutive, illegitimate, legitimate, mortal, innocent, credulous.

Examples of usage:

" I loved this little girl, as it was natural I should, more than I loved the other, whose mother was a servant. - "Bad Hugh", Mary Jane Holmes.

True; all that would be most natural. - "Dawn", Mrs. Harriet A. Adams.

Well, it's natural he should. - "The Judgment House", Gilbert Parker.

Similar words:

second nature, state of nature, national, national socialist, national trust, national assistance, national flag, national trading policy, real gross national product, national aeronautics and space administration.

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