Synonyms for Muffle:


get dressed, dress, put on, cover up, wear, wrap up, pull on, try on, slip into, clothe. hold back, hold-down, restraint, burke, hush, sit on, quench, squelch. deaden (noun)
muffle (noun)
dull, damp, mute, repress, strangle, smother, dampen, tone down, stifle.
silence (noun)


contact (verb)
repress, stifle, smother, strangle.
quiet (verb)
quiet, turn down, silence, deaden, dull, still.
suppress, make quiet (verb)
dampen, mute, squelch, quieten, drown, dull, stifle, smother, tone down, deaden, decrease, silence, hush.

Other synonyms:

burke, quieten. squelch. drown, quench. quieten
sit on.
Other relevant words:
dampen, decrease, strangle, quench, wrap up, hush, put on, damp, repress, mute, squelch, sit on, drown, deaden, stifle, burke, cover up, clothe, tone down, hold back, smother, quieten.

Usage examples for muffle

  1. My poor old favourite, Muffle has travelled many, many thousands of miles with me by sea and land, and always watched over both me and my property with all the care and fidelity of a Highland collie. – The Domestic Cat by Gordon Stables
  2. She flashes forth a metaphor which embodies some mystery of feeling in an image entirely vital; he, with a habit of mind of which he was conscious and which often influences his poetry, fastens intensely on a single point and proceeds to muffle this in circumstance, assured that it will be all the more vividly apparent when the right instant arrives and requires this; but meanwhile some staying- power is demanded from the reader. – Robert Browning by Edward Dowden