Synonyms for Closed:


bound (adjective)
Cemented, clinched, Buckled, tied, Stayed, connected, Hinged, knotted, coupled, Bracketed, zipped, Welded, threaded, Strapped, Sutured, strung, chained, pasted, knit, stitched, laced, bound, linked, fastened, glued, fused.
ceased (adjective)
interrupted, Culminated, Refrained, stopped, terminated, discontinued, Ceased, suspended, quit, ended, broken, Stayed, abandoned, halted, Paused.
closed (adjective)
fastened, obstructed, hermetic, plugged, stopped, choked, corked, latched, secured, locked, shut, sealed.
exclusive, independent (adjective)
finished, terminated (adjective)
concluded, final, ended.
limited (adjective)
plugged (adjective)
corked, plugged, stopped, tapped, covered.
shut, out of service (adjective)
shut down, locked, bankrupt, out of order, fastened, sealed.


narrow, conservative, stubborn, inflexible, narrow-minded, intolerant, rigid, opinionated, bloody-minded. bulbous, angular, concentric, asymmetrical, chunky, bent, concave, clean, aerodynamic. available, off-duty, underemployed, idle, clear, slack, subdued, quiet, free, sleepy. secret, confidential, bankrupt, surreptitious, classified, mysterious, shadowy, in strict confidence, clandestine, out of order, underground, shut down, secretive. restrictive, limited, within limits, limiting, specific, prohibitive, under control, tight, finite. exclusive, restricted, private. terminated (noun)


approached (verb)
advanced, Gained, accessed, Came, come, Loomed, Converged, Impended, Approached, Neared.
ceased (verb)
broke, Remitted, Desisted.
closed (verb)
latched, unopened, fastened, jammed, clenched, barricaded, joined, airtight, bolted, secure, sealed, shut, blocked, secured, locked, up.
completed (verb)
executed, consummated, fulfilled, completed, Achieved, Arrived, accomplished, graduated, integrated, finished, filled, finalized, unified, concluded.
ended (verb)
wrapped up, capped, expired, deceased, winded up, Died, passed away, Checkmated, exited, passed on, wound up.
plugged (verb)
corked, plugged, tapped, Bunged, covered.

Other synonyms:

bloody-minded, angular, narrow-minded, intolerant, concentric, concave, asymmetrical, aerodynamic. chunky, stubborn, inflexible. bent, rigid, narrow, conservative. clean. restricted
restricted, exclusive.
Other relevant words:
final, unopened, concave, exclusive, off-duty, intolerant, bulbous, angular, bent, chunky, secure, conservative, available, free, clenched, restrictive, surreptitious, shut down, clean, slack, rigid, aerodynamic, secret, classified, specific, limited, underground, up, private, airtight, quiet, opinionated, clear, finite, prohibitive, bankrupt, idle, concentric, tight, secretive, restricted, sleepy, confidential, subdued, stubborn, mysterious, narrow-minded, inflexible, underemployed, narrow, shadowy, asymmetrical, bloody-minded, limiting, clandestine.

Usage examples for closed

  1. Frances went in, and closed the door. – The Rustler of Wind River by G. W. Ogden
  2. The young man with the closed eyes opened them and sat up in his chair. – The Underdog by F. Hopkinson Smith