Synonyms for Sensual:


animal (adjective)
physical, earthy.
bodily (adjective)
epicurean (adjective)
luxurious, hedonistic, self-indulgent, sybaritic, gluttonous.
erotic (adjective)
suggestive, Concupiscent, romantic, amorous, obscene, prurient.
fleshly (adjective)
fleshly, erotic.
intemperate (adjective)
dissipated, intemperate, Luxuriating, excessive, indulgent, debauched, orgiastic, carousing, self-indulgent.
lascivious (adjective)
orgiastic, vulgar, randy.
materialistic (adjective)
sensual (adjective)
delightful, debauched, moving, lusty, lascivious, hedonic, exciting, lecherous, prurient, carnal, voluptuous, randy, sex-crazed, oversexed, fleshly, epicurean, Rutting, lustful, hedonistic, animal, stimulating, licentious, pleasing, erotic, bodily, sensuous, Concupiscent, stirring, tactile, libidinous, lewd.
sensuous (adjective)
sexual (adjective)
reproductive, erotic, carnal.


romantic, vulgar, obscene, amorous, indecent, intimate. sensuous. sensorial, sensory, sensitive, awareness, body, sensational. epicurean, Sensualistic, pain, voluptuous. suggestive. materialistic, material. sensory (noun)
delightful, emotional, pleasing, Heightened, sensuous, fine, luxurious, feeling, stimulating, moving, tactile, being, exciting, beautiful, stirring.
sensual (noun)
physical, sultry, hot, animal, carnal, fleshly.

Other synonyms:

suggestive, Sensualistic, sensorial, amorous, earthy, luxurious. materialistic, indecent, sensational, voluptuous, animal. epicurean, sensory, sensitive. intimate. romantic. voluptuous
Other relevant words:
delightful, hedonic, bodily, carnal, sensuous, sensorial, amorous, epicurean, fleshly, hot, Sensualistic, intimate, indecent, voluptuous, gluttonous, sensitive, sybaritic, suggestive, physical, earthy, sultry, luxurious, obscene, pleasing, sensory, material, exciting, moving, stirring, rakish, stimulating, animal, tactile, vulgar, sensational, materialistic.

Usage examples for sensual

  1. No wonder this heathen poet considered, with such views of a future life, sensual pleasures as the chief object of this life. – The Human Side of Animals by Royal Dixon
  2. Very early he showed strong propensities to active amusement and sensual pleasures. – Jane Talbot by Charles Brockden Brown