Synonyms for Range:


beat, D, crotchet, DO, bass, double flat, chord, C, B. embrace, add-on, include, count in, build in, take in, expanse, involve, incorporate. allowance, country, amount, accumulation, grassland, batch, plain, meadow, arithmetic, backlog, allocation, balance, block. sort, pile, heap, organize, appliance, layer, collate. air pocket, airdrop, air-to-air, aerobatics, AIR CORRIDOR, distant, out of earshot, air traffic control, airborne, airlift, aerospace, airspeed, safe. detail, buyer's market, customer care, cold call, see, churn rate, credit rating, aftermarket, call, horizon, ken, cross-selling, ability, purview, knowledge, direct marketing. cliff, sweep, dune, ascent, swing, highlands, Downs, Butte, extension, fell, bluff, foothills, realm. circumvent, clear, detour, vicinity, pass by, round, shave, circumnavigate, near, avoid. coffee machine, Barbie, burner, colander, beater, coffee maker, blender. kraal, farmyard, pen, corral, barnyard, chicken run, fold, paddock. chamber, butt, hammer, bore, barrel, bayonet, calibre, gauge. piece, hairsbreadth, climb, depth, radius. crossfire, friendly fire, exchange, fire fight, cover, drive-by, discharge, fusillade, fire. degree (noun)
degree, potential, level, intensity, quality, magnitude, amplitude, step, caliber, grade, notch.
difference (noun)
extent (noun)
field, region, sweep, scope, zone, stretch, area, space, acreage, neighborhood, room, extent, dimension, reach, territory, length, plateau, scale, volume, span, plane, leeway, measure.
golf (noun)
backswing, caddy, bogey, bunker, ace, bogie, birdie.
meadow (noun)
measure (noun)
mountain (noun)
sierra, peak, hump, mountain, alp, mount, hill.
mountain range (noun)
mountain chain.
order, series (noun)
rank, variety, assortment, chain, sort.
oven (noun)
broiler, cooker, barbecue, boiler, electric stove, toaster, oven, microwave oven, warmer, brick oven, electric oven, baker, brazier, Dutch Oven, coal stove, grill, stove, Chafer, Dutch stove, roaster, cookery.
rank (noun)
place, footing, series, stage, station, position, state, rank, term, status, standing, mark.
region (noun)
room (noun)
size (noun)
unit of measurement (noun)


order, categorize (verb)
grade, array.
wander, roam (verb)
ramble, stray, cover, drift, rove.

Other synonyms:

detour, shave, layer, circumvent. pile, sort, avoid. vicinity, ken. control, check. extension. round. depth. piece. climb. clear. breadth
gamut, compass.
Other relevant words:
compass, roam, drift, array, series, sort, mountain range, ramble, gamut, order, chain, register, wander, expanse, rove, cover, stray, amount, sweep.

Usage examples for range

  1. Here the riflemen on the hill opened with long- range fire. – London to Ladysmith via Pretoria by Winston Spencer Churchill
  2. Had he remained within range he would have received all and more than his share of the bird. – Peggy Stewart at School by Gabrielle E. Jackson
  3. Anything that man could do I am ready to admit that your general is capable of; but I do not judge this to be within the range of possibilities. – The Bravest of the Brave or, with Peterborough in Spain by G. A. Henty