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quiet (verb)

quiet, dull, turn down, muffle, deaden, silence.

silence (verb)

quiet, lull, silence, mute, hush, shush.

stagnate (verb)

rest, idle, stop, immobilize, hibernate, stagnate.

Other synonyms:

placid, up to now, cool off, mollify, cool it, lock, alcoholic, stock-still, be quiet, exempt, comfort, unperturbed, distill, shut up, black, gloss over, understood, belt up, palliate, however, fluent, pipe down, soundless, invoke, rouse, lock away, tranquillise, soundlessness, dummy up, take over, alleviate, unchanging, lifelessness, subdued, decant, yet, arcadian, steady, legato, motionlessness, button up, put away, evenly, hitherto, loosen up, calm, in spite of something, noiselessness, lees, equable, calm down, chill, clement, motionless, nonetheless, withal, compose yourself, stilly, suave, inspire, salvage, until now, restrained, noneffervescent, hush, get yourself together, quietness, breathe, tread, effervescent, tacit, static, lighten, sounds, quench, windlessness, restful, nevertheless, notwithstanding, fine, onward, unmoving, decaffeinated, besides, allay, til now, quiet, silent, clear, for all, keep mum, just, liquid, flat, breezeless, unbosom, hush up, good-tempered, somehow, free, let off, provoke, standing, smooth, quiesce, carbonated, distiller, all the same, as yet, save, cloudless, arouse, otherwise, relieve, lull, sleek over, cool down, salve, affect, tartar, close up, back, filmstrip, anyway, touch, silence, halftone, untroubled, fluid, so far, excuse, fair, negative, together, even, tranquilize, cozy, unagitated, dry, chill out, microdot, stillness, lock up, have, airless, quieten, ease, inactive, thus far, unsounded, stiff, candid, quiet down, passport photo, simmer down, halcyon, age, someway, quieted, stable, shut away, tranquil, lock in, at least, relax, slake, windless, facilitate, unruffled, somnolent, be/feel/look at home, photomontage, whitewash, move, clam up, electrostatic, blow-up, breathless, lown, all/just the same, ignite, nonmoving, daguerreotype, tranquillize, despite, awaken, remedy, nonoperational, wind down, bland, heretofore, in time, unflustered, corked, drinkable, distillery, at rest, even so, unflurried, anyhow, breath, muted, politic, full-bodied.

Examples of usage:

Still, I shall hate Germans all my life, and in the after- life, what ever that may be. - "The Desert of Wheat", Zane Grey.

West was still silent. - "A Dash from Diamond City", George Manville Fenn.

Still, one's not enough. - "The Coast of Adventure", Harold Bindloss.

Similar words:

stock-still, stint, stifle, stiff, stiff aster, stiff gentian, stiff-backed, sword stick, throw stick, throwing stick.

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