Synonyms for Fan:


boiler, air-conditioned, air conditioning, central heating, ventilator, air, propeller, cooler, burner, vane, dehumidifier, blower, air conditioner, agitator, convector, ac. pyramid, blade, sector, evangelist, triangle, wing, face, section, man, fin, plane. certify, spread, validate, unroll, make/prove your/a point, prove, stretch, show, assert, support, unfold, confirm, move, point to, extend, vouch for, Outstretch. rock, vibrate, bounce, swing, wobble, sway, wave, oscillate, shake, flutter. catch, burn, catch fire, light, flame, kindle, go up, blaze, ignite. braid, binding, cord, accessorise, corsage, marabou, flounce, beading, frill. admirer (noun)
fancier, lover.
authority (noun)
blower of air (noun)
propeller, vane, air conditioner, blade, ventilator.
car part (noun)
cylinder, horn, cowl, accelerator, differential, clutch, carburetor, choke, manifold, crankshaft, dashboard, gearshift, distributor, camshaft, hood, spark plug, muffler, transmission, exhaust, connecting rod, ignition, windshield, bumper, fender, radiator, bearings, crankcase, glove compartment, shock absorber, odometer, gearbox, steering wheel, generator, chassis, piston, gear, speedometer, taillights, brake.
enthusiast (noun)
devotee, zealot, fancier, buff, patron, nut, connoisseur, aficionado, addict, freak, enthusiast, fiend, supporter.
fan (noun)
lover, afficionado, winnow, sports fan, devotee, buff.
fan out (noun)
unfold, blower, ventilator, vane, propeller, cooler.
person enthusiastic about an interest (noun)
buff, aficionado, devotee, zealot, follower, supporter, freak, addict, lover.
propeller (noun)
spectator (noun)
sports fan.


blow on (verb)
spread, winnow.
change (verb)
provoke (verb)

Other synonyms:

corsage, frill. evangelist, extend, cord, Outstretch, unfold, beading, flounce, marabou. stretch, unroll, braid. binding, man. spread. adherent
spread out

Usage examples for fan

  1. The golden fan had vanished from the station walls. – The Dark Forest by Hugh Walpole
  2. There is always printed in this column a fan shaped device, called the fish's tail, whose notch indicates where the fold is to come. – The Booklover and His Books by Harry Lyman Koopman
  3. A more ambitious work was " The Fan which had occupied him during the earlier part of the year. – Life And Letters Of John Gay (1685-1732) by Lewis Melville