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Other synonyms:

apart, yonder, on that point, on offer, over yonder, in that spot, where, I know the feeling, (oh,) what a shame, at a distance, in the distance, aw, before, seasonal, along, going, where I point, someone's heart goes out to someone, just there, by, I don't envy you/him etc., spare, in that location, usable, dial, at that point, about, at that place, answer, not here, vacant, ahead, around, available, caller, public, I know, beyond, cut off, accessible, after, someone's heart/sympathy/thoughts go out to someone, over there, too bad, thither, call in, across, you can't win them all/(you) win some, (you) lose some, busy signal, bless him/her/them, open, in that respect, busy, call, call up, call back.

Examples of usage:

I can tell you nothing, for what is there that can be said? - "The Youth of Goethe", Peter Hume Brown.

" There it is, then," said Thorndyke. - "The Eye of Osiris", R. Austin Freeman.

And if it was he, why was he there? - "The Squirrel Inn", Frank R. Stockton.

Similar words:

theorem, theory-based, special relativity theory, theory of gravitation, theory of gravity, theory of indicators, theory of preformation, theory of relativity, special theory of relativity, theory of organic evolution.

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