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aggravate - 95 results
Other synonyms:

heighten, frost, increase, rile, wound, intensify, bug, exasperate, exacerbate, add fuel to the fire/flames, decline, provoke, get, redouble, incense, worsen, insult, ruffle, compound, nark, put out, study at, itch, do more harm than good, eat, nettle, escalate, deepen, make matters/things worse, drive someone mad, displease, enhance, gall, persecute, offend, anger, burn, feelings, affront, frustrate, pique, complicate, pain, spite, madden, gripe, hack.

Examples of usage:

This reflection may extenuate my faults in their effects, but it must aggravate them in their source. - "The Confessions of J. J. Rousseau, Book XI.", Jean Jacques Rousseau.

Now these will, by their doings, exceedingly aggravate the condemnation of one another. - "The Works of John Bunyan Volume 3", John Bunyan.

If Wiggins has ever committed any crimes before, this will only aggravate his guilt, and make his punishment the worse. - "The Living Link", James De Mille.

Similar words:

aggravator, aggregate, aggregate fruit, aggravation, aggregative, aggregator, aggrandise, aggrandize, Allium Cepa Aggregatum.

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