Synonyms for Stir:


dazzle, interest, fire someone with enthusiasm, enthuse, intrigue, motivate, attract. mingle, commingle, blend, intermingle, intermix, fuse, asperity, admix, assemble, rage, annoyance, outrage, mood, commix, mix, temper, irritation, amalgamate, merge, fury, resentment. irritate, drive someone mad, infuriate, annoy, antagonize, anger, madden, frustrate, awareness. touch off, bring, lead to, decide, grip, effect, occasion, result in, pack a punch, catch, bring on, bring about, secure, set off, color, skew, Ingenerate, give, effectuate, start, generate, trigger. combine, inspire, stir in, dissolve, Impassion, mix up, animate. flash, outburst, twinge, impulse, spasm, spurt, fit. crane, bestride, balance, bend, burrow, bow, double over, crook, cower, crouch. butter, chill, butchery, beat, blanch, bake, carve, butcher, bone. blow away, in the teeth of something, blow off, drift, fly, blow over, blow down, windblown, glide. jigger, brewery, brew, brewer, freshen, draft, microbrewery, mash, head, pour out. sweep over, pulse, engulf, come over, surge. incendiary, matchstick, spill, live, poker, safety match, cord. flush, eddy, ebb, maelstrom, in, current, drip, down. action (noun)
flurry, commotion.
agitation (noun)
hoo-hah (noun)
stir (noun)
put forward, tumult, disruption, stimulate, call forth, hurly burly, disturbance, shake up, fuss, evoke, excite, hoo-hah, shift, arouse, budge, kerfuffle, shake, commotion, agitate, call down, invoke, to-do, hustle, flutter, flurry, touch, raise, turmoil, bring up, bustle, ado, conjure up, conjure, disquiet, hoo-ha.
whirlpool (noun)


activate (verb)
stimulate, start.
affect (verb)
perturb, interest, upset.
agitate (verb)
shake, shudder, upset, quiver, quake, fluster, perturb, jolt, trouble, churn, palpitate, shiver, agitate, quaver, disquiet, jar, twitch.
move (verb)
run, transfer, pass, budge, relocate, course, flow, actuate, transit, go, proceed, move, shift.
stir (verb)
move, trigger, shake, excite, agitate, budge, raise, touch, animate, motivate, quiver, blend, inspire, actuate, mix, arouse, beat, flutter.

Other synonyms:

windblown, lead to, intermix, amalgamate, trigger, blow over, commix, admix, blow down, effectuate, mix, engulf, Impassion. intermingle, glide, decide, mingle, merge, blend, commingle, color. skew, grip, generate, fuse, inspire. blow off, tumult, drift, blow away. beat. catch, animate. bring. give. fly. commotion
hurly burly.
beat, admix, intermix.
put forward.
Other relevant words:
stimulate, shake up, tumult, excitement, animate, excite, touch, turmoil, arouse, inspire, to-do, disturbance, flutter, ado, fuss, bustle, commotion, flurry.

Usage examples for stir

  1. Saltash frowned as he heard it, but he did not stir from Juliet's side. – The Obstacle Race by Ethel M. Dell
  2. It is, indeed, worth his while to take any trouble which will teach him a motive for being useful; in plain words, stir him up to do his duty, to do his rights; for a man's rights are not, as the world thinks, what is right others should do to him, but what is right he should do to others. – Sermons on National Subjects by Charles Kingsley
  3. Doesn't that stir you? – The Blue Germ by Martin Swayne