Synonyms for Advance:


ahead in position or time (adjective)
earlier, first, prior, beforehand, forward.
all (adjective)


add to, step up, motion, escalate, soar, go through the roof, double. gratuity, payment, remittance, premium, proposal, settlement, down payment, payback, suggestion, contribution. momentum, development, direction, maturation, a giant step/leap/stride, history, march, move, the march of something. line, course, suggest, path, pose, propose, track, propound, angle, set forth, way. income, living, salary, minimum wage, pay, wage, forward, starvation wages, performance-related pay, earnings. flirt, flirtation, tease, flirtatious, jump, man-eating, coquettish, on the make, a fast worker, coquetry. ascend, gain on, make for, go over, creep up on, make toward, bear down. outpace, forge ahead, break through, plod along. nurse, get past. vote, put forth, float, put before. disburse, invest in, pay out, fund, spend, bear the cost/expense etc., finance. first, Since, barely, by the time. advance (noun)
accelerate, suggest, upgrade, credit, loan, promote, progress, help, hasten, proceed, development, assist, give, expedite, forge ahead, lend, further, present, offer, cite, increase, submit, pay, facilitate, grow, down payment.
ahead of time (noun)
before, beforehand, up front, ahead, earlier.
event (noun)
forward movement (noun)
motion, progress.
improvement (noun)
improvement, progress in development (noun)
development, gain, upgrade, boost, increase.
increase (noun)
loan (noun)
credit, debt.
motion (noun)
offer (noun)
deal, present, gift, bestowal, invitation, endowment, offer, donation, attempt, citation, offering, submission, investiture, concession, overture, quotation, bid, grant, tender, issue.
payment (noun)
payment, remittance.


approach (verb)
gain, access, approach, converge, loom, close, come, impend, near.
benefit (verb)
better, serve, assist, help, favor, do good, contribute, avail.
expedite (verb)
facilitate, quicken, accelerate, promote, hurry, hasten, further, expedite.
facilitate (verb)
ease, encourage, aid, simplify.
give money beforehand (verb)
lend, pay.
improve (verb)
embellish, enhance, improve, enrich, garnish, progress, elaborate, renovate, refine, correct.
increase (verb)
boost, add, broaden, increase, inflate, maximize, lengthen, elevate, multiply, widen, amplify, reinforce, upgrade, raise, magnify, extend, enlarge, grow, accrue, increment, expand, heighten, fatten, augment, burgeon.
increase in amount, number, or position (verb)
grow, enlarge, magnify, raise, improve, multiply.
lend (verb)
lease, pawn, loan, let, mortgage, sublet, lend.
motion (verb)
move (verb)
move something forward, often quickly (verb)
promote, accelerate, elevate, proceed, quicken, hasten, march, propel, forge ahead.
offer (verb)
invite, bestow, cite, impart, render, endow, give, quote, submit.
progress (verb)
proceed, get past.
promote or propose an idea (verb)
serve, cite, encourage, present, submit, further, offer, set forth, suggest.

Other synonyms:

go over, creep up on, manhandle, barely, path, payment, propose, bear down, propound, gain on, remittance, payback, anterior, budge, suggestion, maturation, outpace, put before, direction, put forth, forge ahead, Since, make for, down payment, make toward, plod along, gratuity, propel, break through. roll, prior, preceding, shunt, premium, antecedent, before, step up, ascend, momentum, earlier, development, float, precedent, settlement. history, first, previous, vote, nurse, suggest. forward, move, course, transfer. ahead, pose, guide. jump. approach
gain on.
forge ahead.
put forth.
Other relevant words:
accommodation, put forth, propose, pose, set forth, put before, forward.

Usage examples for advance

  1. But advance nearer, and your eyes will be opened, and you will see the garden." – The Delights of Wisdom Pertaining to Conjugial Love by Emanuel Swedenborg
  2. He warn't a- lookin' fer us: he had a powerful advance guard out feelin' th' way, but he warn't with it. – Bring Me His Ears by Clarence E. Mulford
  3. Now, the information I paid for in advance – The Idol of Paris by Sarah Bernhardt