Synonyms for Charge:


arc light, debit, active, credit, arc, entry, sale, brownout. apologia, affirmation, apology, assurance, announcement, avowal, assertion, onset, attestation. explosive, ammunition, bring before, round, clip, prefer charges (against someone), bring someone up on charges of something. annul, admonition, bar, acquittal, speech, statement, bring in a verdict, call for, award, acquit. enjoyment, offer. spend, fund, finance, disburse, pay out, pay, put up, invest in, obligation, obligate, pledge, bind, bear the cost/expense etc.. freight, pack, pounding, salvo, heap, counterattack, tanning, full, fill, swoop, pile. go for, encumber, over, cumber, come at, fly at, strike at, set on, mug, ambush. impregnate, invite, plead, demand, saturate, claim, suffuse, permeate, pervade, appeal, insist on something, imbue, beg, ask for, transfuse, request. dish out, level at, apportion, stick on, call, impute to, lay something at someone's door, put in. book, order, breathalyze, apprehension, apprehend, words, Breath Test, tell, arrest, bid, body search, enjoin, instruct, bounty hunter. hasten, race, fly, praise, gallop, speed, be quick on your feet, outpace. lay, require, accredit, refer, boss around, order around, tax with, push around. blood relation, black sheep, clansman, dependent, blood, eldest, clanswoman, the elder, elder. inflate, swamp, blow up, run, flood, top off, pump up, inflation. emotive, overwhelming, cathartic, moving, emotional, rousing, stirring, inflammable. nitroglycerin, detonator, pin, payload, fuse, warhead, shrapnel. accusation (noun)
denouncement, allegement, insinuation, accusal, complaint, indictment, censure, reproach, grievance, condemnation, accusation, impeachment, imputation, blame, criticism, incrimination, allegation, citation.
attack (noun)
foray, thrust, onslaught, battle, frenzy, rush, riot, raid, siege, barrage, invasion, attack, outbreak, assault, fury, warfare, fight, furor, spasm, offense, onset, storm, violence, sortie, aggression, bloodshed, war, bombardment, strike, tirade, combat.
authority (noun)
seniority, precedence, strength, control, birthright, domination, superiority, rank, kingship, might, mandate, cogency, punch, mastery, sovereignty, sway, potency, authority, clout, empowerment, office, primacy, puissance, entitlement, prerogative, title, prestige, faculty, enfranchisement, purview, stature, right, influence, privilege, credential, steam, command, license, Prepotency, mightiness, powerfulness.
blame (noun)
burden (noun)
duty, care, office, obligation, custody, tax, right.
charge (noun)
blame, burden, shoot, electric charge, institutionalize, accuse, mission, saddle, care, explosive charge, lodge, charge up, direction, cathexis, point, appoint, commission, bursting charge, rush, institutionalise, level, kick, burster, boot, excite, armorial bearing, tutelage, bill, bang, tear, guardianship, flush, thrill, complaint, send, bearing, commove, file, heraldic bearing, agitate, buck, bear down, consign, billing, rouse.
command (noun)
hold, law, order, grasp, reign, government, rule, management, mandate, coordination, will, grip, discipline, direction, supremacy, prowess.
communication (noun)
condemnation (noun)
electricity (noun)
electrode, electronics, processor, cathode, amplifier, speaker, circuit card, volt, induction, megahertz, radar, ic, watt, polarity, current, frequency, voltage, network, kilohertz, discharge, ac, circuit, cycle, tweeter, monitor, insulator, electromagnetism, amperes, resistor, microphone, ohm, computer, electrostatic, transistor, conductor, negative, backplane, resistance, transmitter, capacitor, diode, wattage, fm, impedance, radio, shock, triode, receiver, memory, direct current, connection, motherboard, video, crt, juice, anode, capacitance, electricity, magnetism, television, alternating current, positive, tube, spark.
fee (noun)
lawsuit (noun)
count, litigation, hearing, affidavit, action, subpoena, summons, prosecution, arraignment, case, writ, implication, lawsuit, suit.
obligation (noun)
offense (noun)
price (noun)
figure, rate, cost, dearness, tab, premium, toll, price, worth, quotation, tax, amount, damage, levy, expense, value, outlay, tariff, duty.
price asked for something (noun)
damage, amount, expense, price, cost, tab, outlay, tariff, rate.
responsible (noun)
responsible, supervising, controlling, Managing.
running (noun)
superintendence (noun)
supervision, administration (of an estate), custody.
supervisory responsibility (noun)
management, supervision.
unit of ammunition (noun)


accuse (verb)
impeach, blame, reproach, accuse, condemn, indict, cite, scold, implicate, criticize, allege, impute, incriminate, censure, denounce, inculpate, arraign, complain.
ask a price (verb)
demand, levy.
attack (verb)
harry, lunge, mug, pound, scarify, buck, hammer, slash, assail, lash, tear, violate, flay, batter, invade, scathe, scorch, savage, bombard, storm, trounce.
blame (verb)
attribute, indict, ascribe, rebuke.
command (verb)
manage, direct, master, dominate, coordinate, govern.
competition (verb)
bear down.
delegate (verb)
commission, authorize, delegate, assign, designate, entrust, name, deputize, consign, appoint.
energize (verb)
empower, force, power, recharge, fire, activate, rouse, energize, drive, revive, invigorate.
load, tax (verb)
pile, suffuse, cumber, saturate, pervade, saddle, entrust, permeate, burden, heap, fill, encumber, pack, transfuse, impregnate.
order (verb)
order something done (verb)
direct, request, bid, instruct, command, require, tell, enjoin.
pay with credit card (verb)
book, debit.
price (verb)
toll, price, value, rate, figure, tax.
sue (verb)
prosecute, sue, litigate.

Other synonyms:

bring before, ammunition, counterattack, stirring, blood relation, brownout, clansman, call for, warhead, arc light, top off, inflammable, hasten, suffuse, cumber, demand, black sheep, acquittal, active, annul, clanswoman, pounding, stick on, level at, tanning, moving, detonator, shrapnel, administration (of an estate), rousing, emotive, DC, salvo, run, cathartic, bar. fill, pervade, award, gallop, come at, apportion, outpace, arc, offer, permeate, statement, obligate, emotional, transfuse, imbue, eldest, obligation, inflation, saturate, encumber. dish out, accredit, overwhelming, inflate, blood, swoop, payload. elder, instruct, bid, impregnate, bind, lay, swamp, fuse. dependent, refer, blow up. speed. claim, flood. tell. book, fly. pin. order. call. accuse
litigate, name, arraign.
come at.
spread out
Other relevant words:
dependent, enjoin, fill, freight, mission, cumber, demand, require, bid, encumber, saddle, fly at, custody, burden, electric charge, obligation, order, instruct, care, rush, tutelage.

Usage examples for charge

  1. Moreover, Richetti is- he isn't going to charge anything. – A Top-Floor Idyl by George van Schaick
  2. I do not believe that I brought in such a charge against you, even as little do I believe that you have been given up! – Berlin and Sans-Souci by Louise Muhlbach
  3. And you have been left in charge – The Keeper of the Door by Ethel M. Dell