Synonyms for Angry:


all (adjective)
furious, tempestuous, wild, raging.
angry (adjective)
pissed off, furious, exasperated, mad, irritated, incensed, boiling, enraged, displeased, indignant, irate.
being mad, often extremely mad (adjective)
exacerbated, sullen, huffy, irascible, affronted, inflamed, maddened, turbulent, outraged, incensed, choleric, displeased, enraged, vexed, sulky, nettled, annoyed, bitter, indignant, Convulsed, irate, irritated, galled, offended, furious, exasperated, resentful, sore, riled, impassioned, cross, Fuming, wrathful, infuriated, provoked, raging, ireful, Storming, fiery, Piqued, splenetic, chafed.
hot under the collar (adjective)
pissed off, hot under the collar.
irritated (adjective)
raging (adjective)
bent out of shape, raging.
sullen (adjective)


crippling, agonising, bad, achy, acute, chronic, agonizing, chapped, burning. belligerent, put out, fed up, upset, feelings. sheet lightning, lightning, fury, storm cloud, landfall, eye, chain lightning, forked lightning. angry (noun)
wrothful, angered, enraged, hot under the collar, furious, umbrageous, provoked, irate, wrathful, mad, smoldering, livid, huffy, tempestuous, wild, maddened, smouldering, unhealthy, black, choleric, irascible, aggravated, sore, indignant, ireful, raging, incensed, outraged, stormy, wroth, infuriated.
enraged (noun)
purple in the face, affronted, Convulsed, in high dudgeon, het up, raving, flown off the handle, at the boiling point, resentful, exacerbated, in a passion, frothing at the mouth, ticked off, riled, sullen, rabid, peeved, ing red, thing, up in the air, out of temper, galled, Fuming, offended, in a huff, in a pet, out of humor, inflamed, fit to be tied, steamed up, sulky, teed off, foaming at the mouth, nettled, turbulent, Storming, miffed, Piqued, up in arms, wrought-up, hostile, impassioned, fiery, splenetic, bitter, all worked up, boiling, bent out of shape, vexed, burned up, cross, chafed, annoyed.

Other synonyms:

crippling, resentful, landfall, fed up, chapped, agonising, sheet lightning, teed off, ticked off, chain lightning, miffed, sulky, forked lightning, inflamed, agonizing, annoyed, achy, het up. vexed, bitter, eye, acute, belligerent, put out, burning, lightning, fury. bad. upset. angered
burned up, angered.
offended, nettled.
Other relevant words:
impassioned, galled, huffy, bitter, splenetic, eye, smoldering, in a pet, irascible, sore, agonising, umbrageous, wrathful, raging, smouldering, lightning, maddened, crippling, cross, infuriated, inflamed, sulky, peeved, wrought-up, black, fury, boiling, riled, chronic, Convulsed, wroth, in high dudgeon, hostile, upset, put out, outraged, offended, wrothful, exacerbated, bad, raving, provoked, teed off, Storming, sullen, vexed, ticked off, hot under the collar, achy, choleric, thing, miffed, belligerent, wild, nettled, affronted, angered, rabid, ireful, landfall, in a huff, steamed up, out of humor, stormy, unhealthy, up in arms, resentful, tempestuous, acute, out of temper, agonizing, aggravated, chafed, chapped, Piqued, Fuming, turbulent, livid, feelings, burning, fiery, annoyed, fit to be tied.

Usage examples for angry

  1. Redmond was very angry – John Redmond's Last Years by Stephen Gwynn
  2. Why are you angry with me?" – Caught in a Trap by John C. Hutcheson
  3. I don't wonder you were angry – The Haunted Bookshop by Christopher Morley