Synonyms for Provocation:


pain, Bothering, feelings, pestering. defiance, attack, challenge. goad. act (noun)
aggravation, irritation.
aggravation (noun)
discomposure, resentment, bedevilment, exasperation, perturbation, disturbance, virulence, irritation, enragement, torment, annoyance, vexation, harassment, bother, exacerbation, petulance, trouble, arousal, indignation, pique, aggravation, ire, inflammation, scorn.
awakening (noun)
cause (noun)
determinant, motivator, compulsion, enforcement, grounds, drive, stimulus, generation, effectuation, origination, basis, source, evocation, compunction, elicitation, inspiration, root, cause, execution, mainspring, action, force, factor, motive.
causes (noun)
contributor, base, occasion, influence, culprit.
excitement (noun)
incitement, stimulus (noun)
challenge, harassment, motivation, Bothering, instigation, vexation, cause, annoyance, inducement, grounds, incentive.
motivation (noun)
impulse, incitement, prod, inducement, motivation, impetus, incentive, instigation, lure.
motive (noun)
facilitation, urge, induction, propulsion, fomentation, goading, impulsion, fermentation, trigger, prompting, fire, catalyst, magnetism, stimulation, energy, enticement.
provocation (noun)
incitation, irritation, aggravation, incitement.

Other synonyms:

Bothering, challenge, pestering. defiance, goad. Other relevant words:
challenge, defiance, goad, Bothering, influence, occasion, contributor, culprit, feelings, attack, incitation, pestering, base, pain.

Usage examples for provocation

  1. Indeed, later in the day, the children felt honesty demanded they must own her to be " rather a brick," for she accepted Barbara's apology with good grace, and said that though, of course, she had been rude, she would not deny that there had been some provocation and that if Barbara could find out anything more from Dick, she would be glad to hear of it. – Barbara in Brittany by E. A. Gillie
  2. We doubt whether there is any other government in the world that would have shown the patience and moderation, under like provocation that have been shown by the American Government in these Lusitania negotiations. – Germany, The Next Republic? by Carl W. Ackerman