Synonyms for Flame:


attachment, cross-post, digital signature, attach, blind copy, dot, copy in, ASCII art, address, bounce. flush, spurt, impulse, conflagration, twinge, surge, rush, outburst, spasm, hot, fit. catch fire, catch, go up. ignition, spontaneous combustion, inferno, wildfire, firestorm, combustion. blush, flood, color, color up, drain. beau (noun)
blaze (noun)
boyfriend (noun)
fire (noun)
flicker, glow, glare, spark, gleam.
flame (noun)
conflagration, wildfire, flare, boyfriend, light, flaming, spark, girlfriend, beau, fire.
light source (noun)
light bulb, arc lamp, taper, sun, floor lamp, oil lamp, street lamp, incandescent light, star, moon, mercury-vapor lamp, searchlight, lamp, desk light, table lamp, headlight, beacon, floodlight, pilot light, lantern, neon light, fire, spotlight, light, torch, fluorescent light, Illuminator, candle, flare, moonbeam, Tungsten lamp, flashlight, jack-o'-lantern, klieg light.
lover (noun)
process (noun)
flaming, fire.
sweetheart (noun)
boyfriend, beau, girlfriend, lover.


blaze (verb)
gleam, flicker.
burn (verb)
flame (verb)
glow, glare.
weather (verb)

Other synonyms:

blush, wildfire, lover, color up, spontaneous combustion. inferno, firestorm. ignition. flush, drain. go up, color. flood. catch. combust
catch fire.
Other relevant words:
fit, glare, color, glow, catch, attachment, flaming, blush, inferno, boyfriend, gleam, spark, flush, catch fire, lover, color up, outburst, firestorm, hot, ignition, wildfire, beau, flicker, conflagration, combustion.

Usage examples for flame

  1. Warm in a flame – An Introduction to Chemical Science by R.P. Williams
  2. She burned with a new flame with this confession; but she protested, " Let us be sensible! – The Captain of the Gray-Horse Troop by Hamlin Garland
  3. To her mother and me she was service itself, only service without the smile which is as the flame of the sacrifice and makes it holy. – The Seaboard Parish Volume 1 by George MacDonald