Synonyms for Feverish:


agitated (adjective)
agitated, twitchy, jittery, disturbed, jumpy, quivering, nervous, restless, quaking, Churned, skittish, quavering, shaken, disquieted, troubled, spastic, twitching, perturbed, erratic, wobbling, distraught, trembling, unquiet, upset, uneasy, Jarred, shivering, convulsive, palpitating, fluttered, jerky, shuddering, shaking, writhing.
all (adjective)
angry (adjective)
emotional (adjective)
passionate, sympathetic, deeply felt, emotional, ardent, heart-felt, sensitive, responsive.
excited (adjective)
turbulent, aroused, disquieted, burning, hysterical, stimulated, exhilarated, impassioned, inflamed, Energized, attentive, disturbed, passionate, effervescent, fiery, excited, psyched, agitated, anxious, breathless, fervent, electrified, ardent, animated.
excited, agitated (adjective)
frenzied, passionate, heated, restless, impatient, fervid, nervous.
hasty (adjective)
brisk, abrupt, speedy, bustling, hasty, breathless, dashing, flying, hurried, rushing, impatient, darting, running, galloping, urgent, rapid, swift, quick, fleet, pelting, fast, breakneck.
having a high temperature (adjective)
fevered, burning, flushed, inflamed, hot, hectic, febrile, above normal, running a temperature, fiery, pyretic.
insane (adjective)
neurotic, blithering, unbalanced, delirious, irrational, maniacal, frenzied, kooky, lunatic, nutty, crazy, Crack-brained, mad, demented, insane, deranged, brain-sick, psychotic, batty, schizoid, hysterical, psycho, berserk, babbling.
uncontrolled (adjective)


fascinated, anticipatory, interested, absorbed, wired, psyched, can't put something down, exuberant, alive. frail, infectious, Febrific, unfit, pyretic, unwell, fragile, worse, failing, unhealthy. feelings, fervid, heated, excite, fevered. febrile (noun)
flushed, pyretic, running a temperature, fevered, above normal.
feverish (noun)
febrile, hectic, sick, feverous, ill, agitated.

Other synonyms:

fevered, pyretic, Febrific. fervid. heated. Other relevant words:
failing, hectic, sick, fragile, anticipatory, wired, febrile, feelings, feverous, above normal, pyretic, unhealthy, flushed, psyched, excite, absorbed, fervid, fevered, Febrific, frail, running a temperature, interested, heated, alive, unfit, ill, fascinated, unwell, infectious, worse, exuberant.

Usage examples for feverish

  1. Violet asked her suddenly, as she arranged her black hair with swift, feverish movements. – The Keeper of the Door by Ethel M. Dell
  2. You are feverish and-" " Feel my pulse," said he. – Selections From Poe by J. Montgomery Gambrill
  3. And she tore the envelope with feverish haste. – Their Son; The Necklace by Eduardo Zamacois