Synonyms for Sordid:


all (adjective)
squalid, seamy, sleazy, seedy.
avaricious (adjective)
greedy, acquisitive, selfish, usurious, avaricious, monopolistic, money-grubbing, grasping, miserly, possessive, venal, hoarding, mercenary, Cadging, rapacious.
cheap (adjective)
despicable (adjective)
dirty (adjective)
grimy, unclean, impure.
dirty, bad, low (adjective)
filthy, seedy, venal, grubby, disreputable, squalid, mercenary, degraded, low-down, ignoble, slovenly, vile, foul, unclean, selfish, shameful, impure, mean, base, miserly, corrupt, grasping, sleazy, shabby, avaricious.
disreputable (adjective)
impure (adjective)
dirty, blemished, impure, imperfect, defective, unclean, obscene, slovenly, immoral.
low (adjective)
ill-bred, undignified.
seamy (adjective)
unclean (adjective)
grungy, scatological, squalid, insalubrious, untidy, scruffy, infectious, festering, dingy, toxic, disgusting, murky, muddy, shabby, crummy, unhygenic, sloppy, unclean, fetid, dusty, unsanitary, grimy, slovenly, icky, odious, obscene, filthy, grubby, mucky, septic, putrid, smutty, foul, defiled, offensive, impure, dirty.
vulgar (adjective)
degraded, glaring, tactless, tasteless, crass, repulsive, undignified, coarse-grained, colloquial, crude, cockney, ignoble, gross, unseemly, philistine, chintzy, rough, common, raw, rude, rank, revolting, graceless, gaudy, outlandish, ignominious, coarse, unrefined, broad, indelicate, unbecoming, salty, scandalous, tawdry, cheap, barbaric, offensive, in bad taste, vulgar, brazen, brutish, unpolished, animal, profane, garish, depraved, inelegant, shameless, homespun, obscene, low, boorish, sleazy, clumsy, base, earthy, idiomatic, barnyard, ill-bred.


evil, perverted, sinful, wicked, deviant, unethical, amoral. ignoble (noun)
shameful, study at mean, mean.
sordid (noun)
disreputable, dirty, soiled, sleazy, seamy, corrupt, unclean, squalid, flyblown, acquisitive, seedy.

Other synonyms:

deviant, sinful, unethical, perverted, amoral, low-down. wicked. evil. vile. small-minded
Other relevant words:
low-down, seamy, unattractive, corrupt, monstrous, perverted, seedy, wicked, unethical, shameful, ugly, sinful, vile, grim, amoral, unsightly, disreputable, soiled, evil, mean, flyblown.

Usage examples for sordid

  1. His fortune had not gone the time- honored way of the fortunes of spirited young men of narrow means with souls above a sordid economy, but still it had gone all the same, and in a manner he did not care to think of. – The Danvers Jewels, and Sir Charles Danvers by Mary Cholmondeley
  2. She leaned toward him in a timid and what seemed to her, for a moment, an ignoble confidence, because it touched such sordid things. – Rose MacLeod by Alice Brown
  3. There are sordid souls that eat and drink and breed and die, and imagine they have lived. – The House Behind the Cedars by Charles W. Chesnutt