Synonyms for Depraved:


all (adjective)
perverse, perverted, reprobate.
corrupt, immoral (adjective)
degenerate, vitiated, unhealthy, perverted, miscreant, wicked, villainous, vicious, evil, base, degraded, shameless, bad, debauched, rotten, low, warped, twisted, debased, sinful, lewd.
evil (adjective)
Fiendish, satanic, atrocious, devilish, diabolical.
fast (adjective)
low (adjective)
ill-bred, undignified.
vulgar (adjective)
coarse, brazen, broad, barnyard, vulgar, tasteless, coarse-grained, colloquial, low, ignominious, ill-bred, common, homespun, rank, indelicate, philistine, garish, repulsive, idiomatic, gross, degraded, cockney, brutish, sordid, ignoble, scandalous, shameless, crass, tactless, glaring, unseemly, undignified, in bad taste, raw, profane, revolting, animal, tawdry, clumsy, crude, gaudy, boorish, unbecoming, unrefined, base, chintzy, obscene, inelegant, rough, outlandish, graceless, sleazy, offensive, cheap, unpolished, rude, earthy, salty, barbaric.
wicked (adjective)
damnable, lawbreaking, scandalous, shocking, Misdoing, immoral, felonious, bad, obnoxious, perverse, degenerate, reprehensible, blameworthy, sinister, base, wicked, indecent, improper, debased, iniquitous, wrongdoing, corrupt, villainous, sadistic, debauched, evildoing, black, criminal, sinful.


beastly (adverb)


depraved (noun)
immoral, perverted, incorrigible, vicious, unregenerate, evil, reprobate, perverse, unreformable, corrupt, wicked.


perverted (verb)
debased, perverted, degraded, distorted, adulterated, vitiated, demoralized, corrupted, twisted, warped, desecrated, Abased, deformed, seduced, debauched.

Other synonyms:

flagitious. lewd, miscreant. unhealthy. rotten. vicious

Usage examples for depraved

  1. They are no more naturally depraved than I am, but their purse is perhaps even smaller, and their wants are certainly ten times as great. – The Crime Doctor by Ernest William Hornung
  2. In this depraved state of mind he arrived at Perpignan, where that befell him which I am about to relate. – The Joyous Adventures of Aristide Pujol by William J. Locke