Synonyms for Malevolent:


bad-tempered (adjective)
evil (adjective)
false (adjective)
hateful (adjective)
malignant, wicked, vindictive, malicious, sinister, evil, spiteful, malign, rancorous, baleful, vicious, despiteful, catty, hostile.
malevolent (adjective)
churlish, hateful, corrosive, nasty, Black-hearted, catty, virulent, treacherous, venomous, sullen, baneful, wicked, spiteful, ill-natured, hurtful, mean, perfidious, hostile, baleful, foul, bitter, malignant, evil, antagonistic, malicious, rancorous, vicious, sinister, vindictive.
resentful (adjective)
galled, discontent, irritated, vexed, Spleenful, resentful, antagonistic, offended, embittered, splenetic, sore, bitter, vindictive, miffed, stung, Huffed, acerbic, envious, spiteful, Piqued, infuriated, hurt.
sullen (adjective)
crabby, frowning, melancholy, uncooperative, cynical, dour, dark, unsociable, surly, long-faced, dejected, cantankerous, dissociable, glum, unfriendly, fretful, obstinate, sour, beetle-browed, sullen, glowering, grumpy, noncooperative, morose, sulky, grouchy, irascible, moody, gloomy, grim, scowling, hostile, broody, ungenial, Moping, cross, mean, contrary, petulant.


gross, deviant, amoral, sinful, sordid, unethical, perverted, immoral. despiteful, black, attitude. malevolent (noun)
cattish, vicious, malefic, evil, malign, malicious, beady-eyed, malignant, poisonous, venomous, venomed, catty, maleficent.

Other synonyms:

despiteful. black. Other relevant words:
beady-eyed, deviant, venomed, amoral, poisonous, gross, black, attitude, maleficent, cattish, perverted, despiteful, unethical, malign, immoral, sinful, sordid, malefic.

Usage examples for malevolent

  1. They were, however, far from equally matched, and that was the cause of Grizzie's cry; for the one was the somewhat ancient colley named Covenant, whose teeth were not what they had been, and the other a mastiff belonging to Lord Lick- my- loof, young and malevolent loosed from the chain the first time that night for a month. – Warlock o' Glenwarlock by George MacDonald
  2. And I am not so simple to suppose but that there be some of the Lower House whom these grievances never touched; and for them I think they speak out of zeal to their countries and not out of spleen or malevolent affection, as being parties grieved. – Our Legal Heritage, 4th Ed. by S. A. Reilly
  3. From the dock Mr. Morgan was regarding him with a malevolent glare. – Anthony Lyveden by Dornford Yates