Synonyms for Abandoned:


all (adjective)
ceased (adjective)
ended, stopped, closed, discontinued, halted, suspended, Culminated, Ceased, terminated, Stayed, quit, Paused, interrupted, broken, Refrained.
desolate (adjective)
bleak, dreary, barren, deserted, desert, forgotten, stark, inhospitable, forlorn, uninhabited, forsaken, lonely, dismal, bare, miserable.
disused (adjective)
deserted, disused, obsolete, forsaken, Refused, relinquished, rejected, rusty, unused.
forgotten (adjective)
helpless (adjective)
left (adjective)
neglected (adjective)
cast aside, neglected.
rejected (adjective)
cut, disapproved, chopped, barred, discarded, deep-sixed, shed, junked, scrapped, Denied, Eliminated, checked, Disallowed, Trashed, Snipped, jettisoned, blacklisted, jilted, Excluded, Blackballed, Disclaimed, rejected, Excised.
relinquished (adjective)
released, withdrawn, Waived, Renounced, forsaken, deserted, relinquished, surrendered, disowned, foregone, resigned, Disclaimed, Capitulated, shed, Vacated, Abdicated.
wicked (adjective)


isolated, immoral, lewd, dissolute, debased, unrestrained, estranged, wicked, lonesome, alienated. keep, bereft. wild, wanton, fast, uncontrolled, profligate, incontinent, dissipated, restraint, licentious, ungoverned, unbridled, unconstrained, rakish. abandoned (noun)
forsaken, uninhabited, deserted, uninhibited.


abandoned (verb)
Vacated, dropped, evacuated, surrendered, resigned, defected, quit, deserted, left, forsaken, relinquished, Forsook, discontinued, Abdicated.
ceased (verb)
Desisted, Remitted, broke.
departed (verb)
Embarked, Decamped, Fled, parted, gone, Withdrew, withdrawn, exited, Went, departed.
gave up (verb)
given up, gave up.
rejected (verb)
Secreted, Ejaculated, erupted, cropped, vented, sheared, Vomited, shedded, drained, Emitted, Excreted, Spewed, Exuded, clipped, scraped, lopped, Disgorged, exhausted, discharged, Ejected, Sniped, Oppugned, Curtailed, Belched, seeped, Culled.
relinquished (verb)
Forgone, gave given quit, Forwent.
renounced (verb)
retracted, Abnegated, Betrayed, backslid, Disavowed, crossed.
resigned (verb)
retired, accepted.

Other synonyms:

alone, neglected, desolate, clear, estranged, empty, hollow, lorn, adrift, alienated, isolated, uncrowded, blank, lonesome, ungoverned, unconstrained. dissolute, rakish, vacant, dissipated, bereft, incontinent, unbridled, licentious. unrestrained, wanton, uncontrolled. wild, fast. discouraging
Other relevant words:
profligate, bereft, vacant, dissolute, clear, adrift, wanton, fast, ungoverned, estranged, dissipated, rakish, disused, isolated, unrestrained, neglected, lewd, uncrowded, lonesome, hollow, immoral, uncontrolled, unbridled, licentious, empty, lorn, desolate, hopeless, lost, uninhibited, wicked, incontinent, debased, helpless, solitary, alone, wild, friendless, unconstrained, cast aside.

Usage examples for abandoned

  1. The quarry, no longer of use to the builder, was reasonably sure to be abandoned – Green Fancy by George Barr McCutcheon
  2. That, too, had been hurriedly abandoned – The Campaign of Trenton 1776-77 by Samuel Adams Drake
  3. Jones had abandoned Willis, yet had not abandoned him. – Who Goes There? by Blackwood Ketcham Benson