Synonyms for Come out:


bankrupt, ascent, descend, acquire, comedown, disestablish, beggar. action, direct action, cooling-off period, grievance procedure, go-slow, general strike, collective bargaining, go out on strike, get out, industrial action. conclude, run to, bring, add up, make, result, terminate, work out, amount to, end, total, achieve, come to. add up to, flow from, grow out of, ensue, end in, culminate in, come out of. pronounce on, articulate, state, remark, comment, express, sound off, speak out, formulate. hang up, dry clean, hang out, dhobi, dry cleaner's, drip-dry, boil, air. go down, full moon, wane, eclipse, sink, wax, orbit. resurface, loom, reappear, take shape, rear its (ugly) head, flash, emergence, appearance. report, print, splash, carry, serialize, go to press, run. leak out, percolate. bud, blossom, die back, bloom, climb, fade, choke. heterosexual, closeted, bi, fag hag, GLBT. photograph, blow up, focus, expose, capture, compose, fix, pap, develop. head, flow, walk-on, carry on, press, forge ahead, move. confront, reach, come across, something expresses itself, come at. come off, uncoil, unfasten, unhook, undo, unfurl, detach, steam open, uncouple, unroll. speak your mind, play fair, shoot from the hip, give/lend/add credence to something, level with, lay it on the line, set/get the record straight, speak true, be straight with someone. come out (noun)
come to the fore, show up, come out of the closet, bug out, issue, bulge out, break through, out, emerge, pop out, come forth, come-on, push through, erupt, go forth, protrude, pop, turn up, step to the fore, come forward, come in, place, bulge, surface, egress, step forward.


conclude (verb)
result, end, terminate.
make public (verb)
get out, out.

Other synonyms:

go-slow, cooling-off period, bi, beggar, percolate, heterosexual, direct action, leak out, collective bargaining, GLBT, hang out, hang up, come to, industrial action, general strike, add up to, run to, die back, dry clean, dhobi, photograph, disestablish, fag hag, comedown, closeted, grievance procedure, level with. ascent, boil, add up, drip-dry, come across. bring, come off, confront, acquire, blossom, bud, total, bloom, come at, pap, work out. compose. expose, choke, press. blow up, focus, action, print, make. capture. reach. air, climb. develop, fix. run. appear
break through, come forth.
grow out of.
come on
Other relevant words:
develop, ensue, go to press, loom, blossom, bloom, work out, terminate, conclude, hang out, bud, result, get out, end, leak out, come off.