Synonyms for Accepted:


accepted (adjective)
prevalent, orthodox, traditional, Condoned, approved, customary, conventional, standard, established, sanctioned.
all (adjective)
recognized, recognised.
authorized (adjective)
expected (adjective)
generally agreed upon (adjective)
fashionable, chosen, credited, recognized, preferred, confirmed, straight, standard, received, established, authorized, unopposed, time-honored, usual, in vogue, customary, orthodox, endorsed, popular, welcomed, acknowledged, conventional, sanctioned, approved, Allowed.
received (adjective)
taken, received, Pocketed, welcomed, acquired.
taken (adjective)
preferred, stereotyped, popular, used, settled, favorably received, chosen, hired, in vogue, Delivered, unopposed, acclaimed, time-honored, fashionable, employed, engaged, formally admitted, adopted, Upheld.
unsuspected (adjective)


fair-minded, decent, reasonable, unbiased, natural, fair, just, independent. agree, usual, straight, accept. accepted (noun)
noncontroversial, received, conventional, uncontroversial, recognized, undisputed, recognised, constituted, acknowledged, standard, acceptable, established.


affirmed (verb)
attested, declared, set down, pronounced, corroborated, proclaimed, supported, stated, Contended, Testified, sustained, warranted, verified, asserted, validated, certified, Submitted, Claimed, ratified, Avouched, Adjured, Averred, Propounded, acknowledged, professed, expressed, assured, maintained.
agreed (verb)
Assented, Capitulated, pledged, approved, Conformed, Consented, endorsed, promised, empathized, Acceded, Concurred, Cooperated, Stipulated, Acquiesced, contracted, affirmed, welcomed, agreed, sanctioned, blessed.
approved (verb)
permitted, authenticated, approbated, authorized, Underwritten, confirmed, Underwrote.
believed (verb)
Surmised, Judged, presumed, held, credited, concluded, given faith, supposed, put faith in, Deemed, gave faith, understood, gathered, trusted, taken for granted, assumed, took for granted, Believed.
complied (verb)
Adhered, Yielded, kowtowed, knuckled under, Succumbed, Caved, bowed, Ceded, fulfilled, Obeyed, bent, respected, Genuflected, observed, deferred, Complied.
consented (verb)
Allowed, let.
obeyed (verb)
received (verb)
taken, Assimilated, engorged, admitted, Gulped, Got, eaten, ingested, accessed, received, Gobbled, Pocketed, Took, swallowed, devoured, absorbed, inspired, acquired, inhaled, ate.
resigned (verb)
surrendered, Withdrew, Ceased, Abdicated, abandoned, relinquished, resigned, withdrawn, rejected, Disclaimed, discontinued, terminated, Renounced, retired, Vacated.

Other synonyms:

just, unbiased, fair-minded. natural, reasonable, popular, independent. fair. employed
Other relevant words:
in vogue, time-honored, chosen, unbiased, approved, adopted, natural, fashionable, acclaimed, usual, recognized, popular, hired, noncontroversial, agree, settled, decent, uncontroversial, constituted, undisputed, recognised, acceptable, reasonable, accept.

Usage examples for accepted

  1. She accepted it as right and proper. – A Prisoner in Fairyland by Algernon Blackwood
  2. I accepted the Inamdar's invitation. – India and the Indians by Edward F. Elwin
  3. They had accepted him as one of themselves. – The Colors of Space by Marion Zimmer Bradley