Synonyms for Cool:


aloof, disapproving (adjective)
apathetic, indifferent, solitary, uninterested, uncommunicative, distant, offish, unapproachable, unresponsive, standoffish, reserved, withdrawn, lukewarm, unfriendly, unenthusiastic.
calm (adjective)
collected, pacific, relaxed, placid, even-tempered, quiet, serene, level-headed, sedate, tranquil, unruffled, calm, mild, easygoing, moderate, undisturbed, peaceful, composed, still.
calm, collected (adjective)
imperturbable, relaxed, impassive, placid, quiet, unflappable, nonchalant, tranquil, unruffled, detached, serene, levelheaded, unemotional, stolid, composed, self-controlled, coolheaded, dispassionate, together, deliberate.
carefree (adjective)
insouciant, at ease.
cold (adjective)
chilly, bitterly cold, bracing, shivery.
cold, nippy (adjective)
frosty, biting, chill, snappy, shivery, chilly, air-conditioned, refreshing, chilled, frigid.
collected (adjective)
composed (adjective)
excellent (adjective)
marvelous, excellent, great, sensational, keen, divine, modern, neat, super, swell, dandy, nifty, glorious, with-it.
far-out (adjective)
modernistic, sensational.
indifferent (adjective)
cold, disinterested, easygoing, detached, unwilling, dispassionate, neutral, unconcerned, indifferent, passive, lukewarm, perfunctory, Half-hearted, uninterested, apathetic, insouciant, impartial, uncaring, nonchalant.
insensitive (adjective)
tough, dispassionate, uncompassionate, stony, blunt, passive, nonchalant, cold-blooded, callous, ruthless, insensitive, hardened, apathetic, hard, unfeeling, numb, indifferent, hardhearted, detached, unconcerned, unemotional, unsympathetic, hard-boiled, anesthetized, aloof, objective, heartless, passionless, emotionless.
knowing (adjective)
levelheaded (adjective)
levelheaded, coolheaded.
remote (adjective)
severe (adjective)
disciplined, icy, unbending, rigorous, raw, critical, basic, blunt, inflexible, obdurate, caustic, cutting, stringent, strait-laced, spare, dour, acerbic, draconian, bleak, brusque, brisk, puritanical, frosty, fundamental, curt, correct, ascetic, abrupt, obstinate, severe, dry, lean, tart, spartan, austere, rigid, exacting, meticulous, precise, harsh, keen, crisp, imperial, oppressive, short, stark, piquant, strict, sharp, relentless, authoritarian, chilly, hidebound, intolerant, acrimonious, grim, intense, stern, stiff-necked, prudish, censorious, uncompromising, acute, demanding, gruff, astringent.
unapproachable (adjective)
unenthusiastic (adjective)
unexcitable (adjective)
poker-faced, demure, meek, impassive, placid, stoic, apathetic, neutral, tranquil, easygoing, stolid, mild, cold-blooded, staid, controlled, unflappable, serene, aloof, composed, unexcitable, nonchalant, imperturbable, even-tempered, calm, numb, self-controlled, frigid, stoical, self-composed, reserved, level-headed, inscrutable, steady, passionless, deadpan, unhurried, detached, moderate, dispassionate.


I know what you mean, distant, of course, if you like, I see/take your point, GOTCHA, all-right, I see, O.K., I know. coolness, body temperature, the cool, Cool-headed, possessed, even, room temperature, ambient. highly, divine, splendid, there's nothing/no place like something, swell, good, monumental, than someone/something put together, super, fantastical, superb, glorious, fantastic, you ought to see/hear/meet etc., nifty, beyond/without compare, terrific, groovy, ripping, dreamy, neat, marvelous, not/never in your (wildest) dreams, there's no comparison, dandy, sensational, tremendous, to a fault, wonderful, fabulous, great. mint, big money, big bucks, collect, restraint, wealth, fortune, Payout, windfall, pile, control, megabucks, contain. brash, bold, chintzy, bright, bleached, color-coded, clean, ablaze, colored. caramelized, buttery, cream, calorific, crispy, chilled, chewy. laid-back, at ease, at one with. pulse, come over, engulf, sweep over, surge, grow, color, run, grip, heighten. cool (noun)
composed, aplomb, unqualified, poise, nerveless, chill, chilly, cool off, fashionable, self-possession, coolheaded, assuredness, cooled, cooling, stylish, air-cooled, unresponsive, air-conditioned, precooled, unfriendly, water-cooled, sang-froid, cool down, caller.
hold back (noun)
restrain oneself, underplay, exercise restraint.


calm (verb)
console, assuage, placate, lull, appease, still, quell, allay, sedate.
change (verb)
chill, cool down.
chill (verb)
calm, freeze, refrigerate, abate, moderate.
moderate (verb)
ease, restrain, soften, quiet, compose, alleviate, soothe, moderate, subdue, relax, abate, pacify, calm, tranquilize.
pacify (verb)
hush, ebb, reconcile, mollify, defuse, stabilize, relieve, conciliate, smooth.
refrigerate (verb)
freeze, chill, refrigerate.
take a break; abate (verb)
assuage, compose, restrain, allay, control.

Other synonyms:

groovy, Cool-headed, offish, buttery, laid-back, nifty, crispy, caramelized, nippy, highly, chilled, ripping, chewy. coolness, of course, calorific, heating, standoffish, withdrawn, GOTCHA, unapproachable, possessed, undemonstrative, overheat. contain, dandy, all-right, control, fabulous, thaw, wonderful, fry, even, sensational, dreamy. glorious, great, toast, cream, solitary. neat, terrific, divine, splendid. fantastical, casual, remote. collect. fantastic, warm up. air
first class
make peace
soothe, soothing.
modern, with-it.
Other relevant words:
coolheaded, levelheaded.

Usage examples for cool

  1. You're like everything that's clear and bright and cool and fresh. – The Pastor's Wife by Elizabeth von Arnim
  2. We'll go up the cool road. – The Major by Ralph Connor
  3. When the dance ended, Mrs. Wiggs went to the door to get cool – Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch by Alice Caldwell Hegan