Synonyms for Troubled:


affected (adjective)
agitated (adjective)
shaken, shivering, spastic, quaking, palpitating, jumpy, convulsive, uneasy, Churned, twitching, upset, erratic, distraught, writhing, Jarred, disquieted, perturbed, jerky, disturbed, agitated, trembling, shuddering, feverish, shaking, quivering, skittish, jittery, twitchy, restless, wobbling, nervous, unquiet, fluttered, quavering.
anxious (adjective)
unquiet, jittery, nervous, shaking, restless, shaky, careful, jumpy.
apprehensive (adjective)
uptight, suspicious, doubtful.
confused (adjective)
fearful (adjective)
pained (adjective)
troubled (adjective)
frightened, harassed, flustered, tormented, pestered, displeased, fearful, exacerbated, overwrought, agitated, distraught, uneasy, put out, psychotic, confused, upset, apprehensive, irritated, alarmed, perplexed, afflicted, perturbed, plagued, afraid, puzzled, annoyed, insane, bothered, provoked, beset, harried, aggravated, concerned, neurotic, unsettled, ruffled, worried, disquieted, scared, anxious, pained, irked, vexed, shaken, distressed, disturbed, psychopathic.
worried (adjective)


on edge. pressed, stuck, embroiled, psychotic, insane, Beleaguered, psychopathic, worse off, oppressed, up against something, in deep trouble, neurotic, out of your depth, deadlocked, paranoid. troubled (noun)
haunted, care-laden, disturbed, vexed, unquiet, hag-ridden, tempest-tossed, buffeted, stressed, hagridden, careful, suffering, pestered, disruptive, tempest-tost, hard-pressed, harried, troublous, disquieted, hard put, annoyed, struggling, tempest-swept, overrun, fraught, distressed, tumultuous, storm-tossed, infested, in trouble, uneasy, tormented, nervous, harassed, in a bad way, turbulent, upset, clouded, anxious, worried, riotous, plagued, heavy-laden.


aggravated (verb)
peeved, pestered, upset, harried, harassed, exasperated, annoyed, Badgered, Nagged, Antagonized, needled, chafed, bothered, Grated, Rankled, aroused, exacerbated, disturbed, bedeviled, aggravated, vexed, teased, discomposed, perturbed, infuriated, tormented, enraged, irked, irritated, Envenomed, fretted, Baited, hassled, inflamed.
agitated (verb)
Shivered, Twitched, flustered, jolted, Quaked, Quivered, shook, stirred, Palpitated, Quavered, Shuddered.
confused (verb)
deranged (verb)
rippled, tousled, blurred, Tampered, disheveled, roughened, dislocated, ruffled, Mussed, scrambled, confused, disordered, Messed, fermented, Rummaged, Displaced, Capsized, disorganized, botched, Swirled, jumbled, scattered, Whipped, Whisked, Convulsed, mixed up muddled, confounded, cluttered, Tumbled, deranged, Tossed, roiled, Hashed, Meddled, misplaced, mislaid, disarranged, rumpled.

Other synonyms:

paranoid, pained. frightened. concerned. anxious
careworn, anxious.

Usage examples for troubled

  1. But the longer I talked, the more troubled she grew. – Hunger by Knut Hamsun
  2. I should have asked you before; but I'm so troubled – The Devil's Disciple by George Bernard Shaw
  3. The people on the earth are troubled because death is before them. – The Book of Nature Myths by Florence Holbrook