Synonyms for Tense:


conflicting (adjective)
brawling, raucous, antipathetic, Squabbling, antagonistic, dissident, bickering, dissenting, harsh, feuding, conflicting, differing, discordant, colliding, rioting, warring, clamoring, rowing, clashing, hostile, disharmonious, cacophonous, dissonant, loath, contentious.
dramatic (adjective)
energetic (adjective)
ill at ease (adjective)
unrelaxed, fidgety.
nerve-racking (adjective)
tight (adjective)
firm, dense, snug, secure, stiff, rigid, tight, taut.
tight, stretched (adjective)
firm, stiff, strained, taut, rigid.
under stress, pressure (adjective)
edgy, excited, wired, uptight, anxious, jumpy, high-strung, nervous, jittery, restless, fidgety, wound up, restive, stressful, on edge, agitated, worrying.


alarmed, on edge, frightened. fidgety, skittish, alarming, severe, twitchy, grave, serious, stressful, restless, worrying. auxiliary verb, the active, the future, copula, the conditional, DO, auxiliary, conjugation, the first person, aspect, tauten. contract, relax, cartilaginous, reflex, overstretched, motor, pull, smooth, muscular, spasm. fast, steady, fixed. tense (noun)
constricted, aroused, highly strung, edgy, tight, taut, electric, unrelaxed, restive, jittery, pumped-up, uptight, nervy, isotonic, jumpy, strained, in suspense, nervous, suspenseful, cliff-hanging, high-strung, wired, suspensive, wound up, overstrung, drawn, tense up, Nail Biting, pumped, strain.


contact (verb)
tighten (verb)
tighten, stiffen.

Other synonyms:

agitated, tauten, worrying, twitchy, stressful. fidgety, skittish, frightened. severe. serious, grave. restless, fixed. steady. fast. aroused
excited, aroused.
Nail Biting.

Usage examples for tense

  1. I did not seem exactly afraid, but I was all tense and hard, and my heart drummed in my ears. – The Young Forester by Zane Grey
  2. But this we can do, as we have a tense to spare. – The English Language by Robert Gordon Latham
  3. There followed a tense electric moment of silence as the two men eyed each other. – Warrior of the Dawn by Howard Carleton Browne