Synonyms for Endured:


borne (adjective)
carried (adjective)
undergone (adjective)
Borne, experienced.


abided (verb)
Undergone, Tolerated, put up with, Lasted, Underwent, Persevered, Tarried, gone on, Lingered, Suffered, Remained, continued, went on, experienced, Persisted, bore, Borne, abided.
aged (verb)
Declined, matured, mellowed, grown old, ripened, seasoned, Deteriorated, grew old, aged, developed.
endure (verb)
put up with.
endured (verb)
Outlived, prolonged, outlasted.
existed (verb)
Was, Existed, had been, Subsisted, Prevailed, Occurred, Lived.
lived (verb)
Resided, Dwelled, Survived.
perpetuated (verb)
persevered (verb)
remained (verb)
resolved (verb)
resolved, devoted.

Other synonyms:

Tolerated, Undergone.

Usage examples for Endured

  1. Now that she had gone thus far, the act seemed too terrible to be endured and she would have give any thing to go back. – The Living Link by James De Mille
  2. It was understood in the family, that while Lydia enjoyed life, Susan only endured it. – The Mating of Lydia by Mrs. Humphry Ward
  3. Then, under the restraint of the captain's presence, there was a silence that endured – The Last Shot by Frederick Palmer