Synonyms for Embroiled:


all (adjective)
chaotic (adjective)
disorganized, blurry, lawless, unruly, chaotic, frenzied, formless, anarchical, inchoate, disordered, muddled, irregular, indefinite, anarchistic, incoherent, frantic, wild, discomposed, loose, out of control, amorphous, disarrayed, deranged, insane, lax, Disintegrated, shapeless, perturbed, tempestuous, uneven, confused, deformed, obscure, rambunctious, disorderly, inexact, tumultuous, indistinct, fuzzy, undisciplined, cluttered, messy, disconnected, inconsistent, disheveled, jumbled.
involved (adjective)


stuck, deadlocked, Beleaguered, up against something, oppressed, in deep trouble, pressed, worse off, out of your depth. embroiled (noun)
entangled, involved.


complicate (verb)

Other synonyms:

worse off, stuck, deadlocked, oppressed. Beleaguered. Other relevant words:
involved, deadlocked, entangled, stuck, Beleaguered, oppressed.

Usage examples for embroiled

  1. " I have no desire to be embroiled in such an undignified struggle as you suggest," he told her loftily. – Ralestone Luck by Andre Norton
  2. I am the light- mindedest woman in the universe, and anyone who obeyed me would be embroiled in everlasting trouble every second in the day. – The Two Vanrevels by Booth Tarkington