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gradual (adjective)

gradual, gentle, imperceptible, even, moderate.

Other synonyms:

unaccented, swooning, undemanding, accept, smooth, whorish, unproblematic, pleasurable, blowzy, hospitable, lite, painless, ready, blowsy, well-fixed, well-off, credulous, user-friendly, wanton, casual, understandable, motiveless, philandering, wide-eyed, aristocratic, slatternly, open, pleasant, cheerful, voiced, golden, equable, clean, easily, cozy, behind, unwary, blue, commodious, hard, faint, unrestrained, prospering, nice, indulgent, effortless, snap, at one with, trouble-free, favorable, on the loose, comfortable, light, well, docile, uncomplicated, simplified, mild, intelligible, wakeful, weak, prosperous, diffuse, permissive, libertine, favourable, rich, unconstrained, loose, available, graceful, simple, cushy, facile, halcyon, manageable, liberal, tolerant, lovely, gentle, impoverished, difficult, unclouded, peaceful, attractive, clear, unaffixed, carefully, complicated, slowly, free, blue-blooded, womanizing, susceptible, booming, downhill, clear-cut, untroubled, unceremonious, escaped, short, exploitable, come naturally/easily/easy (to someone), hands-down, balmy, easeful, scant, tardily, gullible, easygoing, wealthy, well-heeled, clement, flabby, forthright, evident, cheap, gently, royal, roaring, lenient, gradual, unaffected, tighten, careless, fast, natural, lightly, late, piano, spontaneous, naive, apparent, well-to-do, nothing to it, nonchalant, belatedly, aristocratical, manifest, lucky, calorie-free, lax, cautiously, low-cal, unchaste, forbearing, trusting, laid-back, dupable, obvious, patrician, carefree, unprovoked, straightforward, chilled, sluttish, lightheaded, idle, unhurried, leisurely, at large, mindless, light-colored, secure, sonant, flowing, abundant, plain, palmy, charitable, informal, rise, tripping, soft, promiscuity, flourishing, lightsome, lento, foolproof, fluid, comfy, abstemious, merciful, elementary, good, style, slight, dewy-eyed, enjoyable, flaccid, yielding, thrive, well-situated, wise, slack, promiscuous, pleasing, mere, at ease, slow, thriving, accessible, sex, make sense, delicate, light-headed, diffused.

Examples of usage:

You lie here and rest easy." - "Way of the Lawless", Max Brand.

Oh, it will be easy enough for me. - "Frank Merriwell's Chums", Burt L. Standish.

Make it easy for her to stay on with me. - "The Hollow of Her Hand", George Barr McCutcheon.

Similar words:

take it easy, sou'-east, nor'-east, near east, southeast by east, south by east, sou'-sou'-east, nor'-nor'-east, northeast by east, north by east.

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