Synonyms for Burdensome:


adverse (adjective)
difficult, unfriendly, catastrophic, untoward, woeful, grievous, perilous, troublesome, opposing, unpropitious, distressful, tragic, unfavorable, adverse, inauspicious, disastrous, hard, calamitous, unfortunate, miserable, detrimental, antipathetic, unlucky.
all (adjective)
onerous, taxing.
difficult (adjective)
formidable, oppressive, cumbersome, strenuous, fussy, grinding, thorny, rugged, rough, contrary, wearing, complex, hard, bothersome, adverse, tricky, difficult, troublesome, stressful, wearying, laborious, wearisome, harsh, onerous, demanding, ticklish, uphill, arduous, trying, severe, tough, toilsome, cantankerous, effortful, finicky, complicated, knotty, tight.
heavy (adjective)
weighty, study at onerous, disturbing.
hindering (adjective)
frustrating, Handicapping, impeding, Clogging, Cramping, Encumbering, Deterring, inhibiting, Resisting, choking, bottleneck, Delaying, Fouling, constipating, Detaining, Entangling, blocking, congesting, Entrapping, thwarting, crippling, Crimping, Restraining, constraining, Obstructing, Complicating, baffling, Snagging, hindering, Snarling, Tangling, Damming, restricting.
painful (adjective)
crushing, Irksome, grievous, arduous, excruciating, grueling, harrowing, Gnawing, throbbing, tormenting, offensive, disagreeable, unbearable, biting, cruel, Cramping, Torturing., inflaming, bothersome, wrenching, troublesome, horrendous, unpleasant, stinging, cutting, miserable, Besetting, agonizing, trying, sore, irritating, chafing, stabbing, anguishing, piercing, annoying, woeful, aggravating, uncomfortable, bitter, odious, severe, oppressive, smarting, painful, aching, insufferable, distressful, hurtful, acute, withering.
punishing (adjective)
punishing, Imprisoning, penalizing, confining, Persecuting, tortuous, Crucifying, Incarcerating, agonizing, anguishing, distressing, Disciplining, chastening.
troublesome (adjective)
weighty, taxing, oppressive, crushing, onerous, wearying, wearing, Irksome, exigent, trying, difficult, exacting, demanding, heavy, disturbing, tough.


contentious, problematic, bad, disruptive, invidious, embarrassing, fraught. backbreaking, weighty, exacting, exigent, rigorous, effortful. burdensome (noun)
onerous, taxing, heavy.

Other synonyms:

backbreaking, effortful. rigorous, weighty, exigent. exacting. disquieting
Other relevant words:
exacting, weighty, backbreaking, disturbing, taxing, heavy, rigorous, exigent, effortful.

Usage examples for burdensome

  1. He sat down to wait, and addressed to his bewildered judgment a query as to whether or not he ought to keep on carrying the burdensome rifle. – The Desert of Wheat by Zane Grey
  2. Full of care, I know, and burdensome the charge may prove. – The Seven Plays in English Verse by Sophocles
  3. Even Mrs.-, the mother of little Billy, began to grow weary of charity long continued, and to feel that it was a burdensome task to be every day or two obliged to call in or inquire after the poor invalid. – The Lights and Shadows of Real Life by T.S. Arthur Edition: 10 Language: English