Synonyms for Handicapped:


disabled (adjective)
incapacitated, wounded, crippled.
diseased (adjective)
ailing, ill, affected, sickly, pestilent, disabled, indisposed, nauseous, unhealthy, diseased, decrepit, Inflicted, cursed, sick, infected, infirm.
injured (adjective)
thwarted (adjective)
curbed, stymied, disadvantaged, burdened, disabled, Hampered, foiled, obstructed, wounded, restricted, blocked, Physically Challenged, crippled, encumbered, limited, Deterred, checked, impeded, balked, restrained.
underprivileged (adjective)


disability, accessible, handicap, the blind, Developmental Disability, dumb, disablement, ataxia, Challenged. handicapped (noun)
unfit, disabled, incapacitated.
thwarted (noun)
Physically Challenged, queered, foiled, balked, disadvantaged, put behind, stymied, behind the eight ball, put at a disadvantage, limited, under handicap, wounded.


disabled (verb)
enfeebled, Disarmed, Scotched, weakened, Sapped, Hindered, botched, Hampered, Hamstrung, neutralized, crippled, invalidated, cramped, undermined, anesthetized, Hobbled, deadened, Prostrated, stupefied, stunned, disabled, benumbed, vitiated, incapacitated, dulled, impaired, paralyzed, Abrogated, screwed up, Tampered, Lamed.
hindered (verb)
delayed, plugged, Caught, constrained, inhibited, stopped, impeded, Deterred, tangled, braked, entangled, choked, obstructed, Detained, barred, Dammed, Snagged, frustrated, complicated, jammed, constipated, congested, bottlenecked, blocked, baffled, Stayed, curbed, Entrapped, Resisted, countered, clogged, mired, interrupted, opposed, snarled, Dragged, thwarted, Bunged, Crimped, restrained, fettered, restricted, checked, fouled.
penalized (verb)
disciplined, penalized, forfeited, Abated, drew back, fined, chastised, Judged, encumbered, burdened, drawn back, deducted, Discounted, punished, corrected.

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Other relevant words:
ataxia, disadvantaged, accessible, Challenged, unfit, stymied, dumb, limited, Physically Challenged, disablement, disability, queered, balked, wounded, foiled, handicap.

Usage examples for handicapped

  1. There is a great saying of Bacon's that every handicapped man should learn by heart. – Mushrooms on the Moor by Frank Boreham
  2. Handicapped as I was with dangerous ideas, and an impossible style, defeat was inevitable. – Confessions of a Young Man by George Moore