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gentle - 242 results
effeminate (adjective)

soft, delicate, girlish, womanish, effeminate, unmanly, feminine.

gradual (adjective)

gradual, even, imperceptible, easy, moderate.

Other synonyms:

sluttish, attractive, racy, wellborn, mollify, gruntle, dispirited, dreary, quell, low, downcast, loose, reconcile, smooth, title, disconsolate, blueish, flaccid, rise, mellow, gently, cushy, sensitive, domesticated, winning, lovable, pacify, following, hilly, down, fluent, cutting, nonabrasive, silk-stocking, force, well-situated, gradual, strong, diffused, educated, ennoble, piano, harming, light, palliate, mountainous, good-natured, dull, settle, tenderhearted, gloomy, broken, entitle, upper-class, comfortable, dingy, assuage, season, upper-crust, drab, temper, well-to-do, allay, slight, quench, indulgent, dainty, blue, accommodate, downhearted, trained, warm-hearted, grim, balletic, feline, winsome, biting, pleasing, graceful, agreeable, docile, naughty, aristocratical, profane, refined, promiscuous, easterly, slake, rolling, bluish, drear, faint, conciliate, the Beaufort scale, considerate, highborn, genteel, blasphemous, pleasant, grand, wild, propitiate, well-heeled, gusty, spicy, prosperous, dismal, blue-blooded, gamey, engaging, leisurely, depressed, wanton, benignant, patch up, savage, lenify, down in the mouth, taught, civilized, placate, great, nice, easy, patrician, teachable, supple, puritanical, juicy, low-spirited, highland, fluid, dignify, caring, equable, gamy, balmy, alleviate, sorry, soft, noble, stay, warm, cultivated, gale-force, diffuse, appease, make up, kind, loving, easygoing, puritanic, wild, good, risque, voiced, east, lovely, alpine, flabby, relieve, sonant, highbred, well-off, bland, mild, dark, softhearted, aristocratic, tame, tamed, graded, well-fixed, generous, craggy.

Examples of usage:

She is gentle and won't hurt you. - "Bunny Brown and His Sister Sue in the Big Woods", Laura Lee Hope.

" It is true, she does not seem to be very gentle," said Andreas, smiling. - "Andreas Hofer", Lousia Muhlbach.

No; not till you say that you will forgive her and be gentle with her. - "Orley Farm", Anthony Trollope.

Similar words:

gentle wind, gently, gentile, geneve, gentry, shabby-genteel, music genre, musical genre, popular music genre.

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