Synonyms for Gentle:


all (adjective)
easy, soft.
effeminate (adjective)
effeminate, unmanly, soft, delicate, feminine, girlish, womanish.
forgiving (adjective)
gradual (adjective)
imperceptible, moderate, gradual, easy, even.
having a mild or kind nature (adjective)
cultivated, meek, considerate, genial, domesticated, softhearted, temperate, peaceful, pacific, trained, tame, easy, docile, pliable, cool, soft, benign, tender, lenient, amiable, tractable, moderate, taught, quiet.
mild (adjective)
clement, kind, open-minded, cordial, peaceful, insipid, charitable, even, mild, libertarian, permissive, benevolent, liberal, forbearing, lenient, tender, amiable, lax, sweet, benign, genial, broad-minded, tolerant, soft, moderate, quiet, meek, peaceable.
moderate (adjective)
soothing, moderate, tranquil, composed, restrained, temperate, quiet, innocuous, alleviated, easy, subdued, pacific, cool, soft, relaxed, calm.
of noble birth (adjective)
blue-blooded, highbred, aristocratic, noble, refined.
soft (adjective)
faint, pliable, pliant, plastic, yielding, lithe, tractable, soft, malleable, mushy, elastic.
softhearted (adjective)
upper-class (adjective)


craggy, mountainous, highland, alpine, hilly, rolling, graded, gently. generous, warm, softhearted, caring, tenderhearted, Warm-hearted, nice, good. rise. gentle (noun)
blue, tame, assuage, aristocratic, conciliate, placate, lenify, mollify, kind, patrician, pacify, soft, blue-blooded, entitle, aristocratical, docile, noble, mild, gruntle, tamed, appease, easy, ennoble, gradual, light.
kind (noun)
considerate, sensitive.
wellborn (noun)
refined, highbred.

Other synonyms:

gently, highland, graceful, faint, tenderhearted, softhearted, nice, slight, biting, rolling. cutting, east. smooth. force. genteel

Usage examples for gentle

  1. She is gentle and won't hurt you. – Bunny Brown and His Sister Sue in the Big Woods by Laura Lee Hope
  2. " It is true, she does not seem to be very gentle said Andreas, smiling. – Andreas Hofer by Lousia Muhlbach
  3. No; not till you say that you will forgive her and be gentle with her. – Orley Farm by Anthony Trollope