Synonyms for Dignified:


courteous (adjective)
chivalrous, considerate, thoughtful, civil, obliging, hospitable, gracious, well-mannered, respectful, ladylike, agreeable, suave, decorous, mannerly, polite, courteous, graceful, noble, gallant, gentlemanly, deferential, diplomatic, well-bred.
elegant (adjective)
exquisite, tasteful, sophisticated, graceful, cultured, stylish, suave, cultivated, tactful, elegant, charming, well-bred, fine, decorous, neat, refined, classical, civil.
honorable (adjective)
eminent, imperious, magnificent, aristocratic, proud, great, grand, courtly, imperial, refined, grave, noble, magisterial, respected, lofty, distinguished, reserved, august, regal, formal, stately, solemn, somber, superior, decorous.
noble (adjective)
grand, noble, imposing, stately, aristocratic, great, sovereign, ladylike, knightly, magisterial, majestic, kingly, patrician, regal, royal, distinguished, heroic, courtly, celebrated, princely, queen-like, baronial, lordly, elevated, august, imperial.
serious (adjective)
grave, solemn, sedate, grim, demure, intense, sober, somber, earnest.
sober (adjective)


bold, self-assured, self-confident, confident, self-possessed, forceful, assertive. dignified (noun)
elegant, magisterial, self-respecting, distinguished, stately, formal, self-respectful, imposing, courtly, proud.
stately (noun)
honorable, sober as a judge, portly, like one who has a ramrod down his back, ceremonious, imperious, gravely courteous, of consequence, quiet, serious, staid, queenly, stiff, superior, high-brow, glorious, lofty, eminent, elevated, sublime, marked by dignity of manner, classy, reserved, haughty, classic, magnificent.


beautified (verb)
decorated, Graced, Beautified, embellished, adorned, trimmed, Enriched, prettified, bedecked.
praised (verb)
exalted, Applauded, Extolled, Commended, Flattered, admired, sanctioned, Praised, approved, complimented, glorified, endorsed, Eulogized, acclaimed.
worshiped (verb)
devoted, revered, Worshiped, cherished, Prayed, idolized, Deified, respected, adored, venerated.

Other synonyms:

forceful, self-possessed, self-confident, assertive, imperious, self-assured, confident, ceremonious.

Usage examples for dignified

  1. Your majesty, said John, in a grave and dignified manner, permit me to say a few words in reply to what you have just said. – Andreas Hofer by Lousia Muhlbach
  2. This was the only dignified way that he could find of saying that he had been dismissed. – Maximina by Armando Palacio Valdés
  3. " I hope your friends are not dignified observed Scraps. – The Patchwork Girl of Oz by L. Frank Baum