Synonyms for Easterly:


all (adjective)
eastern (adjective)
eastward, east.


breeze, dust devil, gust, gale, headwind, crosswind, jet stream, mistral, airstream. compass, cardinal point, bearing, eastward, easternmost. cutting, following, gentle, the Beaufort scale, biting, gusty, gale-force, force. easterly (noun)
east wind, eastern, east, easter.

Other synonyms:

breeze, gusty, cardinal point, gust, headwind, jet stream, dust devil, the Beaufort scale, easternmost, gale, gale-force, crosswind, airstream, mistral, eastward. compass, biting. following, bearing. gentle. cutting. force. Other relevant words:
gale, easternmost, force, cutting, eastern, gusty, bearing, following, biting, airstream, gale-force, mistral, breeze, crosswind, gentle, headwind, compass, gust, eastward.