Synonyms for Mushy:


affectionate (adjective)
cloying (adjective)
gooey, sappy.
doughy, soft (adjective)
quaggy, squashy, slushy, muddy, Pulpous, squishy, spongy, pulpy.
fond (adjective)
impassioned (adjective)
pulpy (adjective)
pasty, doughy, overripe, squishy, juicy, spongy, pulpy, Mashed, pureed, fleshy, soft, soggy, ripe.
romantic, corny (adjective)
maudlin, schmaltzy, effusive, emotional, mawkish, sloppy, tear-jerking, bathetic, sentimental.
sensitive (adjective)
mawkish, sloppy, starry-eyed, sentimental, lovesick, maudlin, fanciful, romantic, sappy, dewy-eyed, tender, sensitive, poetic, soft, schmaltzy, gooey.
soft (adjective)
pliant, muddy, soft, tractable, lithe, velvety, plastic, doughy, quaggy, Pappy, squashy, pliable, yielding, elastic, Pulpous, gentle, malleable.


silken, sleek, fluffy, satiny, silky, velvety, waxy, feathery, slick. squashy, treacly, resist, hysterics, Theatricals, quaggy, Pulpous, theatrical, histrionics, melodrama, Pappy. gushy, feelings, sobby, tear-jerking. mushy (noun)
mawkish, schmalzy, emotional, maudlin, schmaltzy, slushy, soft, bathetic, sentimental.
sentimental (noun)

Other synonyms:

Pulpous, gushy, quaggy, sobby, tear-jerking. squashy, Pappy. Other relevant words:
muddy, feathery, waxy, Theatricals, slushy, melodrama, sleek, squashy, Pulpous, gushy, emotional, theatrical, hysterics, feelings, sobby, effusive, tear-jerking, silky, bathetic, histrionics, quaggy, fluffy, velvety, treacly, slick, Pappy, resist, silken, satiny, schmalzy.

Usage examples for mushy

  1. I believe in love, you understand- I think married folks ought to love each other, in the bounds o' reason, but this mushy business- well, it ain't in my line, that's all!" – The Desired Woman by Will N. Harben