Synonyms for Aristocratic:


all (adjective)
blue-blooded, gentle, patrician, aristocratical, blue.
noble (adjective)
grand, magisterial, baronial, knightly, celebrated, royal, sovereign, heroic, distinguished, highborn, regal, lordly, princely, majestic, imperial, august, imposing, patrician, dignified, noble, kingly, stately, queen-like, ladylike, courtly, great.
upper-class (adjective)


monarchical, ducal, highborn. refined, snobbish, well-bred, aloof, proud. thoroughbred, highbred, upper class, upper crust, wellborn, elite, over. aristocratic (noun)
blue, aristocratical, noble, gentle, blue-blooded, patrician.

Other synonyms:

wellborn, ducal, monarchical. highbred. thoroughbred. elite. egotistic

Usage examples for aristocratic

  1. Everything was of the best quality and fitted his aristocratic well- made figure without fault. – The Outcaste by F. E. Penny
  2. And thus it stands there to- day, looking quietly on at the rushing tide of life below, a type of the life of the older city, aristocratic dignified and reserved. – Loaded Dice by Ellery H. Clark
  3. The name had an aristocratic sound, but it was unknown to her. – The Tides of Barnegat by F. Hopkinson Smith