Synonyms for Lord:


dispatch box, agent, the House, the Budget, Benches, backbench, the House of Commons, the Commons, filibuster, the House of Lords. alchemist, M, feudalism, liege, alchemy, feudal, mediaeval, medieval, manor. apostolic, disciple, apostle, Him, His, evangelist, he, the Holy Ghost. archduke, countess, baroness, baronet, aristocracy, aristocrat, consort, count, baronetcy. deity (noun)
divinity, savior, dieu, idol, King of Kings, deity, goddess, providence, holy ghost, muse, godhead, christ, judge, heroine, jesus, Jesus Christ, demigod, jehovah, almighty, hero, omnipotence, Son of God, salvation, creator, King of the Jews, trinity, absolute, omniscience, infinite, maker, all-powerful, Lamb of God, redeemer, messiah, Son of Man, inspiration, Prince of Peace, Jesu.
director (noun)
conductor, mayor, overseer, magistrate, ringmaster, baron, warden, king, overlord, administrator, superintendent, supervisor, foreman, band master, queen, ringleader, general, taskmaster.
divinity (noun)
the Supreme Being.
father (noun)
lord (noun)
almighty, noble, maker, godhead, god almighty, nobleman, master, divine, overlord, jehovah, creator.
master (noun)
count, principal, sire, overlord, dean, officer, star, authority, baron, mother, proprietor, president, mahatma, head, commandant, executive, landlord, nobleman, master, ruler, chief, headmaster, landlady, senior, quartermaster, squire, commander, kingpin, abbot, guru, captain, noble, leader, liege, governor, headmistress, manager, titleholder, director, aristocrat, mandarin, king, maestro, proprietress.
noble (noun)
archduke, countess.
nobleman (noun)
baron, baronet.
possessor (noun)
holder, heir, landowner, possessor, laird, heiress, occupier, landholder, householder, owner.
titles (noun)
dame, Her/Your Ladyship, justice, lady, esq, honorific, HON, the Honorable, jr..


boast (verb)
bluster, strut, aggrandize, pontificate, boast, peacock, crow, brag, parade, cock-a-doodle-doo, saunter, preen, prance, blow, swagger, flaunt, vaunt, gloat, bluff.
direct (verb)
command, manage, conduct, administer, govern, oversee, rule, lead, direct, superintend, supervise, boss.
dominate (verb)
win, conquer, succeed, subordinate, triumph, better, prevail, control, vanquish, surmount, preside, predominate, dominate, overcome, oppress.

Other synonyms:

medieval, feudalism, feudal, count, alchemist. alchemy, manor. M. nobleman
aristocrat, nobleman.
Other relevant words:
aristocrat, evangelist, esq, HON, backbench, god almighty, count, mediaeval, feudalism, divine, he, agent, honorific, countess, noble, M, disciple, medieval, His, dame, consort, nobleman, Benches, the Supreme Being, filibuster, alchemist, manor, liege, Him, archduke, justice, baroness, feudal, baronet, baronetcy, apostolic, aristocracy, alchemy, apostle.

Usage examples for lord

  1. Why not, my lord – The Works Of John Dryden, Vol. 7 (of 18) The Duke of Guise; Albion and Albanius; Don Sebastian by John Dryden
  2. Lord Badgery was pleased. – Mortal Coils by Aldous Huxley
  3. If Lord Glyncraig knows where he is, nobody else does. – For the Sake of the School by Angela Brazil