Synonyms for Arch:


all (adjective)
condescending, patronizing, patronising.
disrespectful (adjective)
knowing, coy (adjective)
roguish, waggish, saucy.
principal, superior (adjective)
head, main, top, chief.


entry, access, gateway, entrance, gate, hall, gatehouse, gatepost. jaunty, calf, ankle, clubfoot, appendage, armpit, big toe, saucy, arm, waggish, roguish, ball. overpass, flyover, angle, footbridge, aqueduct, bridge, drawbridge, straight, boom, turn, pier, cantilever. doorplate, doorpost, door, doorknob, hump, doorstop, posture, hunch, stoop, doorknocker, scrunch, doorstep, doorjamb, doorbell. egocentric, arrogant, self-satisfied, conceited, immodest, vain, proud, self-opinionated. arch (noun)
curve, head, arc, chief, patronising, of import, skilled, patronizing, top, condescending, superior, important, boss, archway.
curvature (noun)
roundedness, bend, parabola, curvature, bow.
curve (noun)
crook, circle, sinus, crescent, curve, spiral, horseshoe, meniscus.
curve, curved structure (noun)
curvature, arc, bow, bend, archway.
main (noun)
main, principal.


curve (verb)
hook, hunch, form, bridge, swerve, sweep, camber, sag, shape, hump, hang, stretch, round.
extend (verb)
arch over, shape, stretch, hump, hunch, form.

Other synonyms:

calf, ankle, footbridge, doorbell, doorstop, ball, doorstep, gate, doorpost, doorknocker, cantilever, scrunch, doorjamb, door, doorplate, hall, gatehouse, gatepost, big toe, aqueduct, doorknob, appendage. stoop, armpit, pier, gateway, clubfoot. entry. access, entrance, arm. boom, bridge. turn. arc

Usage examples for arch

  1. Those blue arch eyes of hers, constantly glancing up at him, what were they saying? – The Great Hunger by Johan Bojer
  2. I guess," she added, with an arch glance and smile. – Kenelm Chillingly, Book 5. by Edward Bulwer-Lytton
  3. They were now near a lamp that hung in the arch and although his companion was dressed like a peon his voice suggested some education. – The Coast of Adventure by Harold Bindloss