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nutty - 153 results
deranged (verb)


lunatic (adjective)

crazy, mad, crackpot, kooky, neurotic, psychotic, fiendish, lunatic.

Other synonyms:

insane, cockamamy, preposterous, unhinged, jerky, harebrained, scatty, sane, mad as a hatter, brainsick, asinine, of unsound mind, yeasty, calorific, amiss, crisp, haywire, alligatored, maniac, ridiculous, mild, inept, zany, non compos mentis, silly, bubbleheaded, moonstruck, half-witted, screwy, off, zestful, crackbrained, loco, wacky, awry, wild, goofy, round the bend, witless, caramelized, daft, touched, fool, stupid, half-baked, buttery, bananas, cockamamie, zesty, unsound, gaga, lunkheaded, cockeyed, whacky, chewy, disordered, buggy, batty, laughable, sick in the head, nuts, crazy as a loon, bedlam, loony tunes, not all there, kooky, absurd, ludicrous, kookie, childish, loony, bats, roughened, cracked, cream, senseless, simpleminded, sappy, chilled, fatuous, meshuga, tasteful, wud, cool, soft, weak-minded, wacko, barmy, dippy, chapped, nutlike, around the bend, certifiable, mental, bughouse, over-the-top, daffy, dotty, creamy, tomfool, mentally ill, fruity, wrong, nutty as a fruitcake, unwise, nonsensical, brainless, screwball, featherheaded, crispy, loopy, cuckoo, distraught, crackers, bonkers, crazed, balmy, stark raving mad, cranky, not in your right mind/not right in the head.

Examples of usage:

" I am going nutty," muttered Sinclair. - "The Rangeland Avenger", Max Brand.

So, if you must know, every third Wednesday Aunt Nutty goes through the motions of pullin' off a pink tea. - "Wilt Thou Torchy", Sewell Ford.

But this death- fancier's the real squeeze- only raises the graveyard in private an' don't take any money, an' a whole lot of big doctors an' psychology profs are nutty about her, you see? - "The Professor's Mystery", Wells Hastings Brian Hooker.

Similar words:

nutter, nuttily.

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