Synonyms for Nutty:


absurd (adjective)
laughable, ludicrous.
brainsick (adjective)
sick in the head, stark raving mad.
crackers (adjective)
crazy as a loon.
deranged (adjective)
crazy, touched, insane, mad, wacky, irrational, eccentric, lunatic, kooky, daft, ridiculous, buggy, nuts, Daffy, batty, cracked, loony, demented.
flaky (adjective)
foolish (adjective)
insane (adjective)
demented, crackers, deranged, blithering, babbling, balmy, feverish, moonstruck, psycho, irrational, schizoid, crazy, brain-sick, unbalanced, brainsick, hysterical, kooky, maniacal, frenzied, psychotic, loco, Crack-brained, berserk, lunatic, insane, batty, fruity, delirious, neurotic, mad.
loco (adjective)
around the bend.
lunatic (adjective)
crackpot, Fiendish, mad, neurotic, crazy, psychotic, lunatic, schizoid, kooky.
screwy (adjective)
touched (adjective)
not all there.


laughable, not in your right mind/not right in the head, childish, ludicrous, over-the-top, ridiculous. nutty (noun)
insane, wacky, whacky, buggy, batty, loopy, crackers, nuts, barmy, dotty, tasteful, bats, around the bend, bonkers, fruity, nutlike, kooky, loco, cracked, haywire, daft, kookie, round the bend, balmy, loony.


deranged (verb)

Other synonyms:

mentally ill, brainsick, bananas, Daffy. non compos mentis, distraught, touched, screwy. moonstruck, unsound, disordered. off. Other relevant words:
chilled, buggy, nutlike, Daffy, touched, daft, distraught, bonkers, mentally ill, balmy, laughable, unsound, moonstruck, calorific, disordered, childish, crispy, wacky, fruity, maniac, sick in the head, screwy, loco, brainsick, ludicrous, buttery, cracked, ridiculous, not all there, cream, over-the-top, loony, cuckoo, mad as a hatter, of unsound mind, stark raving mad, chewy, bananas, crazy as a loon, dotty, eccentric, haywire, nutty as a fruitcake, caramelized, kookie, tasteful, nuts, loopy, round the bend, non compos mentis, crackers, crisp, cool, barmy, around the bend, bats, off, whacky.

Usage examples for nutty

  1. So, if you must know, every third Wednesday Aunt Nutty goes through the motions of pullin' off a pink tea. – Wilt Thou Torchy by Sewell Ford