Synonyms for Grimy:


black (adjective)
dirty (adjective)
squalid, filthy, begrimed, soiled, mucky, messy, smutty, dingy, slovenly, sordid, unclean, black, foul, unhygienic, grubby, grungy.
unclean (adjective)
festering, unhygenic, scruffy, foul, grubby, odious, dirty, dusty, unclean, infectious, scatological, grungy, putrid, squalid, filthy, defiled, dingy, sloppy, obscene, offensive, sordid, insalubrious, murky, impure, shabby, muddy, fetid, crummy, smutty, untidy, septic, icky, disgusting, mucky, slovenly, unsanitary, toxic.
uncleanly (adjective)


grimy (noun)
begrimed, raunchy, grubby, dingy, unclean, dirty, soiled, grungy.


dirty (verb)
unhygienic, messy.

Other synonyms:

uncleanly. black. Other relevant words:
black, unhygienic, uncleanly, begrimed, soiled, raunchy, messy.

Usage examples for grimy

  1. In the morning on waking, he saw, through the small bowed window which looked out into the Inn, the sunlight shining upon the gilded gothic roof of the Rolls Building and possibly touching the tops of the trees of the grimy enclosure. – An Ocean Tramp by William McFee
  2. I paused in my work and flung the damp perspiration from my forehead with a grimy hand. – The Lost Valley by J. M. Walsh