Synonyms for Better:


beneficial (adjective)
Gainful, advantageous, progressive, favorable, helpful, successful, profitable, prosperous, beneficial, useful, improving, good.
excelling, more excellent (adjective)
larger, preferable, greater, superior, choice, preferred, surpassing, improved.
improved (adjective)
corrected, garnished, refined, Furthered, Progressed, advanced, Enriched, embellished, elaborated, upgraded, improved, renovated, enhanced.
improved in health (adjective)
improving, mending, recovering, convalescent.
larger (adjective)
preponderant, more.
major (adjective)
superior (adjective)
choice, foremost, controlling, quintessential, most, greater, senior, Headmost, master, supreme, maximum, dominant, excellent, best, chief, eminent, ruling, preferred, leading, furthest, surpassing, superior, uppermost, zenith, crowning, Excelling, commanding, king, consummate, furthermost, signal, sovereign, A 1, preferable, elite, ascendant, chosen, paramount, predominant, champion, above.


superiorly (adverb)
Superiorly, above, Paramountly, dominantly, maximally, Consummately, supremely, Commandingly, chiefly, Sovereignly, predominantly, eminently.
to a greater extent (adverb)


all (adverb)
superiorly (adverb)
dominantly, Commandingly, Paramountly, supremely, predominantly, chiefly, Sovereignly, Consummately, maximally, eminently, Superiorly.


experienced, expert, accomplished, skillful, able, gifted, transliterate, capable. rise above, common, rival, outflank, outstrip, vulgar, overtake, surpass, outdo, outperform, outwit, outshine. desirable, convalescent, wanted, failing, favored, longed-for, to die for, recovering, pet, dear, top, mending, sick, precious, desired. fabled, preferable, notorious, legendary, infamous, celebrated, well-known, renowned, illustrious, famous, the one and only. larger, largest, extraordinary, an improvement on something, big, unhoped-for, so much the better, greater. refreshed, restored, up and about, renewed, more, rested. lift, revitalize, optimization, boost, improve on. better (noun)
enrich, preferable, enhance, top, further, correct, outdo, improve, superior, surpassing, surpass, restored, improving, overtake, recovering, greater, improve on, larger, outstrip.
larger (noun)
preponderant, more, large.
regardless (noun)
in any event, no matter what happens, notwithstanding, anyhow.
to a greater extent (noun)


benefit (verb)
assist, contribute, favor, further, do good, advance, serve, help, avail.
dominate (verb)
control, conquer, win, prevail, overcome, vanquish, oversee, succeed, oppress, rule, triumph, predominate, command, surmount, subordinate, preside, lord, dominate.
excel (verb)
improve (verb)
elaborate, progress, improve, garnish, enrich, correct, renovate, refine, enhance, embellish, upgrade.
improve performance; outdo (verb)
best, outstrip, outshine, help, further, advance, surpass, refine, enhance, correct, top.

Other synonyms:

larger, refreshed, surpassing, largest, outperform, restored, rested, renewed, greater, unhoped-for. top. common. exceed
rise above.
upgrade, help.
to a greater extent

Usage examples for better

  1. Better go with us. – Under the Skylights by Henry Blake Fuller
  2. You had better let me go with you. – The Man Who Knew by Edgar Wallace
  3. We ought always to be better – Opportunities by Susan Warner