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better - 286 results
Other synonyms:

dampen, reveal, transliterate, break off, stop, pause, unhoped-for, amend, transgress, come apart, revitalize, split up, wear, bust, healthier, mend, the one and only, well-known, to die for, develop, pet, emend, fracture, give away, optimization, die, disclose, expert, ameliorate, an improvement on something, lift, meliorate, longed-for, intermit, recrudesce, erupt, bankrupt, big, common, punter, fall apart, demote, bring out, bump, break in, overtake, experienced, divulge, boost, get out, gifted, favored, rectify, recovering, dear, snap off, anyhow, largest, conk out, more, cleanse, so much the better, breach, no matter what happens, reform, relegate, crack, break down, go against, fail, wagerer, big, bettor, able, capable, refreshed, legendary, infamous, outdo, famous, renewed, check, discontinue, desired, preferable, outwit, accomplished, finer, in any event, discover, break up, outshine, vulgar, illustrious, break away, go bad, fabled, burst, major, outperform, remediate, let on, break-dance, make better, damp, renowned, soften, give, surpass, get around, celebrated, founder, precious, smash, mending, go, rested, mitigate, repair, give out, ruin, notorious, part, purify, top, break, give way, preponderant, amended, sick, fall in, outstrip, kick downstairs, desirable, collapse, separate, fitter, unwrap, infract, failing, wanted, remedy, violate, up and about, rise above, split, cave in, let out, expose, outflank, greater, break out, offend, larger, advisable, interrupt, improve on, convalescent, more, large, rival, restored, notwithstanding, wear out, skillful, extraordinary, weaken.

Examples of usage:

Better go with us. - "Under the Skylights", Henry Blake Fuller.

You had better let me go with you. - "The Man Who Knew", Edgar Wallace.

We ought always to be better. - "Opportunities", Susan Warner.

Similar words:

had better, bethe, betel, piper betel, betel nut, betel palm, betel pepper, Hans Albrecht Bethe, Donato Di Betto Bardi.

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