Synonyms for Developing:


all (adjective)


american, anglophone, anglo-american, anglo-saxon, continental, abroad, coast-to-coast, baltic, bicoastal, arctic. developing (noun)
development, underdeveloped, nonindustrial.
process (noun)


aging (verb)
declining, seasoning, deteriorating, enduring, ripening, aging, growing old, mellowing, Maturing, lasting.
beginning (verb)
Germinating, starting, springing, Initiating, Commencing, Creating, undertaking, beginning, Forming, Inducting, budding, Stemming, dawning, Introducing, sprouting, initializing, emerging, birthing, Embarking, Inaugurating, hatching, Conceiving, Originating.
creating (verb)
building, Producing, Inventing, Generating.
ensuing (verb)
ensuing, Eventuating, following, approaching, resulting, Destining, impending.
expanding (verb)
fattening, broadening, thickening, widening, increasing, lengthening, Amplifying, augmenting, swelling, Magnifying, Enlarging, Inflating, incrementing, Extending, spreading, burgeoning, Dilating, Engorging, growing, stretching, Distending, expanding.
occurring (verb)
happening, Occurring, transpiring, Befalling, Arising.
preparing (verb)
readying, fostering, fashioning, Formulating, Mobilizing, Currying, making, arranging, priming, Fabricating, devising, Preparing, drafting, Furnishing, fitting, warming up, dressing, composing, outfitting, setting, equipping, Constructing, Marshalling.
producing (verb)
executing, Cultivating, Fathering, Mothering, Manufacturing.

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anglo-american, bicoastal, coast-to-coast, underdeveloped, abroad, continental, arctic, american, anglophone, anglo-saxon, nonindustrial, development, baltic.

Usage examples for developing

  1. Here was the case developing itself before him, and he could not study it better than unobserved. – The Man with a Shadow by George Manville Fenn
  2. That freedom has overthrown those two tyrants by developing a public opinion which has made them impossible. – From the Easy Chair, series 3 by George William Curtis
  3. When, shortly after his letter, he came to see that the dramatic centre lay in Richelieu, his famous play began developing – Dramatic Technique by George Pierce Baker