Synonyms for Grubby:


black (adjective)
dirty (adjective)
mucky, black, grimy, unhygienic, begrimed.
dirty, disheveled (adjective)
impure, sloppy, squalid, sordid, grimy, black, mucky, soiled, shabby, messy, untidy, uncleanly, foul, grungy, filthy, unclean, slovenly, scruffy, smutty.
impure (adjective)
slovenly (adjective)
unclean (adjective)
smutty, squalid, dusty, filthy, dingy, murky, crummy, fetid, impure, unclean, dirty, defiled, foul, sordid, mucky, infectious, untidy, festering, insalubrious, disgusting, scatological, muddy, sloppy, icky, odious, slovenly, grungy, scruffy, unhygenic, grimy, offensive, obscene, putrid, septic, shabby, unsanitary, toxic.
uncleanly (adjective)


devious, fraudulent, dubious, untruthful, cunning, unscrupulous, corrupt, dishonest, unprincipled, deceitful. animal (noun)
Myxocephalus Aenaeus.
grubby (noun)
dirty, dingy, grimy, grungy, raunchy, unclean, soiled, Myxocephalus Aenaeus, begrimed.


dirty (verb)
messy, unhygienic.

Other synonyms:

uncleanly. black. Other relevant words:
raunchy, uncleanly, black, soiled, messy, unhygienic, Myxocephalus Aenaeus, begrimed.

Usage examples for grubby

  1. I'm always grubby and dingy on rainy nights. – Anne Of The Island by Lucy Maud Montgomery
  2. Lance- Corporal Ness steps briskly forward and lays a grubby forefinger on Bobby's " mine." – The First Hundred Thousand by Ian Hay