Synonyms for Betray:


corrupt, revise, adapt, see reason/sense, capitulate, backpedal, seduce, move with the times, move on, convert, change your mind. make no secret of something, offer, render, express yourself, voice, make known, uncover, surrender. trust, spill the beans, let (it) slip, lay something bare, leak, offload. mean, indicate, denote, unveil, proclaim, show, identify, spill, signify, tell, blab, represent, symbolize, stand for. embarrass, bluff, bamboozle, plague, hoodwink, honest, hold back, beguile, four flush, humbug, throttle, count against, burden, inhibit, have, disadvantage, bring up against, take in. betray (noun)
denounce, cheat on, bewray, shop, peach, lead astray, grass, cheat, fail, rat, snitch, wander, cuckold, sell, give away, deceive, tell on, stag.


be disloyal (verb)
delude, deceive, bluff, stab in the back, desert, mislead, cross, sell out, seduce, take in, abandon, let down, turn in, trick.
communication (verb)
divulge, expose information (verb)
show, snitch, give away, tell, tell on, spill, make known, inform, uncover.
emotion (verb)
renounce (verb)
cross, deny, abandon, retract, abnegate, abdicate, desert, renounce, defect, backslide, disavow.
social (verb)

Other synonyms:

identify, offload, tell, symbolize, denote, four flush. bluff, hoodwink, inform, stand for, signify. bamboozle, indicate, beguile, leak, blab, proclaim, unveil. spill. represent, uncover. mean. trick. have. blab
peach, tell on.
double cross.
bluff, cross up.
double cross
stab in the back.
spill, give away, unveil.
Other relevant words:
indicate, identify, corrupt, have, offer, burden, render, lead astray, cheat on, revise, denounce, disadvantage, snitch, denote, sell out, voice, cross up, signify, proclaim, show, spill, bamboozle, inhibit, honest, let down, humbug, disappoint, reject, tell on, mistreat, embarrass, convert, peach, make known, sell, seduce, rat, bluff, give away, shop, plague, oppress, wander, unveil, turn in, adhere, trample, trust, offload, capitulate, surrender, tell, fail, abuse, trick, bewray, spill the beans, four flush, stag, uncover, double cross, cuckold, adapt, backpedal, blab, inform, leak, beguile, represent, mean, stab in the back, symbolize, grass, hoodwink, throttle.

Usage examples for betray

  1. But how much for your own sake you are obliged to keep your counsel, you will very soon find out if you betray it." – Springhaven A Tale of the Great War by R. D. Blackmore
  2. Do you promise not to betray us?" – 'Firebrand' Trevison by Charles Alden Seltzer
  3. Not that I fancied for a moment he'd betray me. – In the Bishop's Carriage by Miriam Michelson