Synonyms for Casting:


go through, audition, read for, the casting couch, dress rehearsal, miscast, recast. exploded, cutaway, cardboard cut-out, mockup, effigy, figure, miniature. act (noun)
artifact (noun)
casting (noun)
cast, molding.
molding (noun)
fixture, equipment, compressed casting, dry cast, fitting, part, chilled casting.


attributing (verb)
Accrediting, marking, connecting, Ascribing, setting, Attributing, Acknowledging, Citing, Attaching, Imputing, Applying, Referring, assigning, branding, Blaming, Crediting, Placing.
categorizing (verb)
Designating, Assorting, Labeling, Stamping.
ordering (verb)
scheduling, regulating, designing, Marshalling, grading, planning, Classing, Preparing, Arraying, rating, ordering, devising, sorting, framing, Harmonizing, Righting, programming, integrating, categorizing, Classifying, supporting, typing, Systematizing, Maintaining, arranging, schematizing, stabilizing, Stratifying, fixing, grouping, Adjusting, Methodizing, settling, unsnarling, shaping, Forming, normalizing, subordinating, composing, Separating, Organizing, Plotting, Collating, pigeonholing, structuring, scheming, Mediating, charting, unifying, sifting, balancing, screening, scoring, ranking, controlling, Establishing, rationalizing, orchestrating.
propelling (verb)
launching, prodding, chucking, pushing, Flinging, firing, driving, bunting, Throwing, goading, hurling, Butting, thrusting, Flicking, bowling, heaving, pitching, projecting, Lobbing, pelting, Shoving, slinging, catapulting, Shunting, propelling, tossing, impelling, Canting, Ramming, precipitating, compelling.
representing (verb)
Aping, portraying, modeling, Illustrating, rendering, Outlining, Approximating, Simulating, Imitating, representing, Duplicating, mocking up, copying, depicting, Photographing, silhouetting, replicating.
sculpting (verb)
molding, carving, Bronzing, sculpting.

Other synonyms:

effigy, audition, read for, the casting couch, dress rehearsal, exploded, miscast. mockup, cardboard cut-out, recast, cutaway, part. go through. miniature. figure. Other relevant words:
cutaway, figure, mockup, audition, cast, effigy.

Usage examples for casting

  1. Never stop casting so long as you are on fishable ground, for you know not the moment a good fish may rise. – Scotch Loch-Fishing by AKA Black Palmer, William Senior
  2. But what pleased me most of all was the process of casting iron. – Records of a Girlhood by Frances Ann Kemble
  3. They waited there for half a day, and the food still remained warm and smoking, and at length they were so hungry that they sat down and ate, and agreed with each other that they would stay and live in that castle, and that one of them, who should be chosen by casting lots, should remain in the house, and the two others seek the King's daughters. – Household Tales by Brothers Grimm by Grimm Brothers