Synonyms for Hybrid:


all (adjective)
assorted (adjective)
miscellaneous, heterogeneous, variegated, mixed.
mixed (adjective)
amalgamated, crossed, interbred, alloyed, mixed, compound, combined, Brewed, mongrel, Mingled, stewed, blended, Infused, Melded, miscellaneous, Mashed, Concocted, merged, composite, crossbred, emulsion, Conglomerated.


combo, jumble. bean, brassica, cereal, alpine, clone, cactus, bedding plant, bush, climber, annual. alloy (noun)
blend, admixture, intermixture, composite.
combination (noun)
communication (noun)
crossed (noun)
half-blooded, half-breed, Commingled, Bred, amphibious, half-caste, impure, mutated, half-and-half, variegated, heterogeneous, intermingled.
half-breed (noun)
conglomeration, medley.
hybrid (noun)
compound, crossbred, loanblend, intercrossed, amalgam, crossbreed, half-breed, mongrel, combination, interbred, crossed, half-caste.
mix/mixture (noun)
combo, merger, brew, commixture, stew, jumble, potpourri, Interfusion, alloy, mash, concoction.
mixture (noun)
composite, compound, blending, commixture, mongrel, Interfusion, admixture, concoction, alloy, brew, potpourri, infusion, decoction, amalgam, mix, meld, elixir, conglomeration, medley, merger, amalgamate, blend, composition, mash, intermixture, paste, mixture, stew, combination, emulsion.
mongrel (noun)

Other synonyms:

combo, jumble. half-blooded
Other relevant words:
amphibious, intercrossed, climber, crossed, half-blooded, brassica, bush, cereal, heterogeneous, impure, interbred, half-breed, Commingled, crossbred, crossbreed, alpine, combo, half-and-half, variegated, intermingled, bean, loanblend, half-caste, jumble, cactus, Bred, mutated, annual, clone.

Usage examples for hybrid

  1. It is a kind of hybrid profession still in its infancy- hardly recognised as a profession at all- something halfway between literature and art- yet potentially combining all that is best and most essential in both, and appealing as effectively as either to some of our strongest needs and most natural instincts. – Social Pictorial Satire by George du Maurier
  2. There were young women, too, who had become the partners of Indian husbands; and who now, with all their hybrid offspring, were led reluctantly into the presence of fathers or brothers whose images were almost blotted from their memory. – The Conspiracy of Pontiac and the Indian War after the Conquest of Canada by Francis Parkman