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Other synonyms:

unaffected, develop, existent, valid, bona fide, certified, trust, sure-enough, New Zealand, to be sure, authoritative, unquestionable, bang on, archetypal, documentary, straight, tried-and-true, original, unpretending, responsible, accepted, indubitable, current, apodeictic, lifelike, unpretentious, convincing, definitely, actually, rigorous, standard, authorized, fast, on-key, ethical, artless, harmonious, veridical, upright, square, truthful, simple, real-world, devout, secure, valid, precise, unbowed, natural, straight-shooting, naturalistic, on-target, let's face it, flat, proper, innocent, pious, accredited, undeniable, Allegiant, lawful, heartfelt, de facto, consecutive, normal, stalwart, credible, average, perpendicular, effective, confessedly, full-strength, even, avowedly, undoubted, true-life, sound, spot-on, plumb, literal, I must confess, apodictic, nice, pukka, admittedly, geographical, come about, so, straightforward, historical, characteristic, safe, physical, down-the-line, tried, sure, nonfictional, dead on target, true-blue, trustable, be actualized, rightful, decent, my bad, precise, legitimate, professedly, unfeigned, apparent, unbent, regular, objective, representative, unmannered, diehard, matter-of-fact, all right, strict, erect, geographic, happen, calculable, certifiable, exact, level, liege, very, horizontal, typical, consistent, exact, echt, dinkum &amp, as good as your word, realistic, received, trusty, dead-on, reputable, neat, trustworthy, kosher, uncoiled, just, dependable, incorruptible, sure-enough, naive, vertical, true up, continue.

Examples of usage:

But it's true, anyway, I-" " Let me go- let me go!" - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.

" True," answered the other. - "Audrey", Mary Johnston.

Yes, very true, my love. - "Cousin Betty", Honore de Balzac.

Similar words:

the true, true bacteria, true blackberry, true cat, true cedar, true dwarf, true fir, true flycatcher, truce.

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