Synonyms for True:


aboveboard (adjective)
artless (adjective)
correct (adjective)
horizontal (adjective)
liege (adjective)
loyal (adjective)
fast, liege, worthy, firm, honorable, steadfast, creditable, reliable, faithful, devoted, resolute, estimable, right-minded, upright, allegiant, steady, constant, staunch, dedicated, unaffected.
precise (adjective)
real (adjective)
solid, authentic, veritable, honest, genuine, tangible, actual, factual, substantial, sincere, concrete, real.
real, valid; concordant with facts (adjective)
actual, kosher, right, sincere, precise, factual, honest, undeniable, veritable, pure, natural, exact, indubitable, authentic, undoubted, accurate, genuine, bona fide, veracious, correct, veridical, unquestionable.
resolute (adjective)
decisive, hearty, valiant, reliable, tireless, iron-willed, willing, stern, unwavering, resolute, diligent, tenacious, steadfast, unbending, devoted, bullheaded, unyielding, stubborn, strong-minded, implacable, ruthless, inexorable, spunky, staunch, plucky, indefatigable, intent, bold, dedicated, serious, faithful, thorough, steady, courageous, firm, tough, dogged, headstrong, constant, uncompromising, persevering, decided, deliberate, insistent, persistent, zealous, unflinching, steely, relentless, set, committed, strong-willed, determined, indomitable, loyal, fearless, earnest, unshakeable, resolved, unchangeable, dauntless.
respectable (adjective)
irreproachable, moral, fair, righteous, angelical, pure, principled, saintly, virtuous, good, right-minded, law-abiding, respectable, forthright, noble, estimable, creditable, unimpeachable, untarnished, blameless, honorable, honest, upstanding, worthy.
sound (adjective)
tenacious (adjective)
enduring, bullheaded, persistent, steadfast, persevering, headstrong, indefatigable, diligent, bulldogged, undaunted, fervent, staunch, dauntless, resolute, stony, hard, hearty, indomitable, flintlike, obdurate, determined, obstinate, insistent, bold, stiff, decisive, strong-willed, courageous, spunky, brave, dogged, tough, stubborn, devoted, faithful, tireless, plucky, strong, tenacious, unflagging.
true (adjective)
definite, honest, certain, factual, absolute, right, gospel, proven, axiomatic, veracious, authentic.
veracious (adjective)
ingenuous, accurate, authentic, correct, factual, honest, veracious, genuine.
veridical (adjective)


definitely, undeniable. kosher, valid, real world, physical, apparent. develop, be actualized, to be sure, happen, let's face it, I must confess, my bad, actually, come about. reputable, consistent, rigorous, exact, sound, veridical, as good as your word, precise. horizontal, perpendicular, level, incorruptible, vertical, upright, straight-shooting, erect, flat. indubitable, unquestionable, bona fide, undoubted. convincing, credible. natural, true-life, realistic, naturalistic, lifelike. continue, trust, liege, fast, allegiant. heartfelt, unmannered, unaffected. accurate (noun)
plumb, valid, exact, precise.
loyal (noun)
diehard, stalwart.

Other synonyms:

natural, unmannered, indubitable, naturalistic, allegiant, straight-shooting, physical, veridical, definitely, true-life, apparent. kosher, bona fide, liege, credible, lifelike, undeniable, undoubted, heartfelt. exact, realistic, convincing, precise. rigorous, unaffected. fast. genuine
in truth
diehard, stalwart.
Other relevant words:
bona fide, veridical, sound.

Usage examples for true

  1. But it's true anyway, I-" " Let me go- let me go!" – The Man from Jericho by Edwin Carlile Litsey
  2. " True answered the other. – Audrey by Mary Johnston
  3. Yes, very true my love. – Cousin Betty by Honore de Balzac