Synonyms for Dummy:


substitute (adjective)
replacement, substitute.


joker, dumb blond, airhead, clown, numpty, maniac, lump. hypothetical, numskull, chump, fictitious, ability, pretended, dummkopf, thickhead, DUMBO, imaginary, made-up. case, cash register, plate glass, mannequin, listening post, display case, floor model, cart, awning. diaper, pacifier, papoose, nappy, baby buggy, feeding bottle, layette, baby carriage. catch, backhand, blast, corner, cross, delivery, dive, chip, dribble, ball. cards, deal, full house, flush, hand, dealer, grand slam, call, bid. counterfeit (noun)
simulated, faked, false.
deputy (noun)
auxiliary, assistant, delegate, substitute, attendant, appointee, nominee, alternate, second, emissary, helper, double, deputy, figurehead, representative, attorney, lieutenant, mouthpiece, spokesman, token, spokeswoman, ghost, aide, agent, surrogate, assignee, servant, understudy, stand in, backup, acolyte, proxy, arm, envoy, helpmate.
dummy (noun)
boob, artificial, blank shell, dumbbell, dummy up, pinhead, silent person, booby, unreal, blank.
fool (noun)
bungler, meathead, clod, nincompoop, fool, loon, moron, blockhead, knuckle-head, lame-brain, ignoramus, dimwit, imbecile, crackpot, cretin, simpleton, dunce, chuckle-head, bonehead, nitwit, dumbbell, dolt, half-wit, dullard.
ignoramus (noun)
buffoon, scatterbrain, birdbrain.
mannequin (noun)
imitation, duplicate, substitute, counterfeit, copy.
person (noun)
silent person.
stupid person (noun)
dolt, dunce, dumbbell, fool, moron, numskull, simpleton, clod, blockhead, dimwit, ignoramus, dullard.
substitute (noun)
replacement, imitation, fill in, counterfeit, alternative.
thickhead (noun)
zero (noun)
naught, nothing, nobody, nought, void, zero, zilch, blank, aught, cipher, nullity, nil.


creation (verb)
dummy up.

Other synonyms:

chump, layette, nappy, floor model, DUMBO, dummkopf, feeding bottle, thickhead, baby buggy, cart, display case, plate glass, baby carriage, diaper, cash register. full house, dealer, numskull, grand slam, pacifier, awning. listening post. flush. deal, hand. bid. case. call. Other relevant words:
duplicate, numskull, imaginary, fictitious, simulated, case, boob, unreal, copy, pinhead, call, faked, false, flush, dealer, artificial, layette, joker, silent person, lump, mannequin, pacifier, cards, blank shell, forgery, hand, replica, nappy, pretended, dummy up, DUMBO, reproduction, dummkopf, thickhead, booby, chump.

Usage examples for dummy

  1. But the dummy answered: " I can no longer move, for I am grown so fat." – Eskimo Folktales by Unknown
  2. I got to my feet and stood like an awkward dummy trying to frame some excuse for leaving the room. – The Jervaise Comedy by J. D. Beresford
  3. " Put it on a dummy she commanded. – The Happy Foreigner by Enid Bagnold